Robin, but not Robyn. They did have a Robyn refrigerator magnet at a store in Gatlinburg, so I bought it. It’s very rare that they have my name, though. So I looked through the racks of names, searching futilely for my own name. Of course they didn’t have it – they didn’t even have Robin – but they did have Destiny, Destinee, and Cheyenne. Hard to believe that those names have become so commonplace. The cats are just driving me nuts. Miz Poo spent the entire night wanting me to be in another position than the one I was laying in. If I was laying on my right side, she sat behind me and smacked me with her cold little paw until I turned onto my left side (she will only lay on my head if I’m laying on my left side). If I was laying on my left side, she sat behind me and dug frantically at the comforter until I turned over and held it up for her so she could crawl between the comforter and sheet and curl up. If I was on my back, she crawled between my legs, pinning them so that I couldn’t move them without dislodging her and receiving a chirp of displeasure. If I was on my stomach, she hopped up on my ass and smacked at at the jiggly fat located there. All night, I was turning from one side to the other at her whim. At some point, the Mad Shitter and Spanky got into a loud, squalling fight on the bed until I hit them with a pillow and they launched themselves across the room and went thumping down the stairs. Spot came looking for love ’round about 1 am, and the Mad Shitter, Jr. (so called because at least when he does it inside, it’s in the litter box) tried to sneak up between the two piles of pillows to sleep, and I had to put a stop to that. I’m amazed that the hamsters didn’t break out of their cage and travel across the house to come climb in my bed and leave hamster droppings everywhere. Of course, the Mad Shitter, Jr. would have eaten them before they got anywhere near me. What’s up with those Puffkins? Suddenly I’m seeing them everywhere, and they’re just cute as hell. The spud and I went into the Hallmark store at the mall, and they had these adorable little Puffkins that were magnets. Of course I bought a couple, because I am powerless in the face of adorableness. I also hit Bath and Body Works and spent waaaay too much money, but just couldn’t help it! I mean, bars of soap that are usually $3 each, on sale for 5 for $5? Buy three antibacterial soap pumps, get one free? Buy three wallflowers, get one free? I’m only human, people, I couldn’t stop myself from filling up a basket they conveniently provided for me. I reallly love their Cucumber-Melon scent. I guess it’s a good thing I only go to the mall once every two years.