So, Robyn, y’all are saying, get any Christmas shopping done today? Well, that’s a good question, it really is. I did go to Hallmark today to check out the pictures frames (and after seeing the prices on them, decided everyone could buy their own damn picture frames for the spud’s picture), bought a little pack of thank you cards, and then ran across the cutest little thing… candle holder

Isn’t it adorable? Can you see why I just had to have it for myself? And the candle is of the "Jack Frost" scent, which is very Christmas-y and minty smelling. It’ll go perfectly on the mantel. And while I’m babbling about adorable things, I got this in the mail yesterday…

neutrogena sampler

It’s a Neutrogena sampler pack, with a handy-dandy cute little silver bag to hold everything. I don’t recall ordering it, but I’m sure I followed one of Heather’s Freebies ‘n Dealies links. I sure do love getting unexpected stuff in the mail. Speaking of the mail, I got a box from my parents in the mail today. I assume there’s a present in there, but since EVERY package they sent is taped to within an inch of it’s life, I have no fucking clue what’s in there. I’m thinking of going over to Redstone Arsenal and asking if there are any spare nuclear weapons laying around I could use to open the damn thing. Last week, I called Fred to ask or tell him something (I don’t remember what, obviously), and after a few remarks, he fell silent, only responding to what I said with sounds that clearly indicated he wasn’t really paying attention. Annoyed, I snapped "I’ll let you go, since you’re obviously elsewhere." A few minutes later, he sent me an email with a link, telling me that when I’d said that, he had been in the middle of reading an article about how men only listen with half their brains. Pretty funny, I thought.