retro-lunch (’80s music) on WZYP while I was running around today, and learned that guilty feet, in fact, have no rhythm. Just something you might want to keep in mind. Okay, look, I can’t stand it. I took some REALLY cute pictures of the cats (by which I mean, of course, "I took a lot of pictures of Miz Poo and maybe one picture of another cat"), and I must share them. I MUST, or my head will pop off. You understand, right? I know you do.

miz poo

Checking something out from atop my monitor

miz poo

Atop my monitor still.

In fact, all the pictures of her will be of her atop my monitor.

miz poo

miz poo

She was sound asleep and hanging on to the monitor for

dear life so she wouldn’t slip off


This box has been on the floor of the computer

room for about a week now, and every night Spanky lays

in it for hours and hours. I haven’t got the heart to throw it away.

Have a good weekend, y’all!