The Cell last night, and I was pretty damn sure that I was going to have nightmares about that boogie-man at the beginning of the movie. And then I saw Vincent D’Onofrio and thought surely I’d have nightmares about him, especially when I saw the whole suspending-himself thing. Then I thought surely I will have nightmares about that monstrous thing he turned into in his mind. But do you know what I had nightmares about? I had a nightmare that, first of all, Elizabeth lived in New York City and wanted to meet, and I got lost in the midst of a very scary Central Park. And then I had a nightmare that Fred and I met Beth (or Xeney, as we refer to her around here) and they sat there and bonded as they made fun of me the entire time. And THEN I dreamed that I was working at a really crappy Target. I practically woke up screaming, I tell you. So anyway, the spud had no school today, which she was rather thrilled about, and I had nothing pressing left to do, so I didn’t leave the house at all today. It was pretty nice to just sit and read for a couple of hours, then leisurely wrap a few presents whilst watching my soap opera, and then have lunch. I know it’s not like I lead a particularly hectic life, but recently I’ve been doing a lot of running around, getting ready for Christmas, and I’m glad to have it done. I’ll be even gladder the day after Christmas when we rip that damn Christmas tree down. The lower branches are hanging almost to the ground because certain evil (but very cute) kitties like to try to LAY on the lowest branches, and even the strongest branch can only take so much from the likes of a slightly portly Miz Poo. It will also be nice to not have that huge pile of presents for the spud laying in a corner of my room, and have them instead be strewn all over her room.]]>