too good, as a matter of fact – and after we ate until we were ready to barf, Fred, the spud and I took a short stroll down the street to settle our stomachs. Well, Fred claimed it was so we could settle our stomachs – the truth is that he just wanted to get the hell out of there for a while. Then we went back and opened presents (9 books from his parents! woohoo!), partook of Fred’s banana cream pie (or whatever the heck it’s called. It has a crust with toasted almonds, and it’s incredible), hung around for a while longer, and made our escape around 8:30 or so. Once home, we sent the spud off to her room and I sat in the living room and ate some of the spinach dip Fred’s stepsister forced us to bring home with us, while Fred wrapped my presents (talk about your last minute, eh?). Then we opened our presents to each other, which is our Christmas Eve tradition, piled the spud’s gifts around the tree, put her filled stocking on the counter, and toddled off to bed. See all those lovely, lovely bath fizzies? Between my sister and Fred, I’m set for life! Or at least a few weeks… xmas gifts The books I got from Fred and his parents. I also got two tapes of "Friends" episodes (including extra footage!), an Illuminations gift certificate, an LL Bean gift certificate (from my sister), and a pair of sunglasses from LL Bean. Oh, and six chocolate covered marshmallow santas! I made short work of those, believe you me. I also stole Fred’s Snickers, the one I bought for his stocking, but that’s neither here nor there. Though to be truthful, I was the Monster Who Ate Alabama for a period of about 24 hours… Since we got to bed so late Christmas Eve, I forwent exercise on Christmas Day, and was awakened at 7-fucking-30 by the phone. It was the ex who, when I groggily mumbled "Hello?" only said "Hi, Robyn!" and did not identify himself. Wondering why my brother was calling at such an early hour, I said "Uh, hi…", to which he replied "Hi" and nothing else. Finally, my mind cleared enough that I realized who it was, and I said "Oh, let me see if the spud is AWAKE YET." "Okay!" he said cheerfully. I pulled on a t-shirt and wandered through the house yelling for the spud, wondering how long it would take me to travel to Rhode Island, kill him, and drive back home. Specifically, would I be home in time for dinner? The spud wasn’t in her room, so I wandered to the top of the stairs and yelled "Spud!" Fred yelled "She’s on the phone!" and I muttered to myself that it was REALLY NICE THAT NO ONE BOTHERED TO TELL ME THAT. So I showered and settled down for a long winter’s nap – ie, I settled in to watch the spud open her presents, which is always an ordeal consisting of hours and hours of sitting and writing down what she got and from whom so she’ll know to whom to address the thank you cards. the pile And this pile doesn’t include the big-ass printer from Fred and I which was hiding under a bag of discarded giftwrap. I won’t give y’all the whole list of exactly what she got, except to point out that she got THREE gift certificates to Bath and Body Works. Oh, and plenty of clothes. My parents, as usual, lost their minds and bought everything they thought the spud might conceivably like. puffkin This was a gift from my sister, who knows that my heart lies in Puffkinland. miz poo Miz Poo wanted to know just what in the freakin’ hell we thought we were doing. the mad shitting fancyman Fancypants howled and howled and chirruped and rubbed against us until we opened the back door to let him outside, and then we shut the door because DAMN it was cold out there, and of course he immediately wanted back in. We made him stay his fancy ass out there for ten or fifteen minutes before taking pity on him. The spud hauled her presents off to her room, and Fred and I settled back and got out the bag of catnip. From all over the house, cats came to lick, sniff, and roll in the kitty marijuana. I took a short movie wherein I sound like a total hick and which shows the kitties laying around in their drug daze, so go download it here. We filled a sock with catnip and tied a knot in it, and they all took turns licking it and rubbing all over it. The rest of the day was spent sitting around, reading, and talking. It was very relaxing, but I forgot to call my parents to wish them a Merry Christmas (oops!). I did, however, read all of Roses are Red in one day, so I did accomplish something. I haven’t updated ’til now ’cause I’m just not in a computer mood. I’m in a sit on my ass and read some of the books I got for Christmas mood, so I’m taking off until next Tuesday. Then, my regular updating schedule should resume. Of course, you could always join the notify list, couldn’t you? In any case, I hope the last week of 2000 is awesome for y’all, and if you’re going out partying on New Year’s Eve, I hope the drinks are plentiful (don’t drive, though!), and the men and women are hot. See you "next year"!]]>