Robyn’s Resolutions for 2001

1. I will shave my legs once a week. I could say I’ll shave my legs every day, but we’re trying to stay realistic here, people. There’s no way in hell I’ll get out the shaving gel and the razors every day, but I can force myself to do it once a week. Besides, once a week is better than twice a year, yes? 2. I will grow my hair out, because my husband likes it when I have long hair. And when he bitches about all the foot-long hairs he finds everywhere, I will offer to shave my head, which will shut him up. 3. I will keep my purse in a more organized manner. So that I don’t end up at the grocery store unable to find the debit card for Fred’s checking account because I shoved it in amongst the litter littering the bottom of my purse, and therefore have to use my own debit card, but since it’s been months since I’ve used it, I’ll have forgotten the PIN number and end up having to use the Amex card we swore we weren’t going to use any longer. 4. I will keep to my downstairs-on-Wednesday, upstairs-on-Thursday cleaning schedule. Instead of only doing a thorough cleaning every other week, so that the house looks like a shitheap on the off weeks. 5. I will have my eyebrows waxed and plucked by a professional at least once. I will also have my moustache waxed on somewhat regular basis. I have never had any part of me waxed by anyone, so this should be an interesting experience. I do pluck between my brows so that I won’t sport the attractive "unibrow" look, but I have no idea how to tame the rest. I also have a mustache that rivals the lush thickness of Tom Selleck’s, and since I don’t particularly want Fred to think he’s kissing Tex while he’s kissing me, I should probably take care of it. Between the unshaved legs, the unibrow and the ‘stache, I certainly make myself sound attractive, don’t I? 6. I will get my ass in gear, reorganize my site, and move it all over to robynanderson.com. By Valentine’s Day. Nuff said. Okay, that’s it, those are my resolutions. Nothing too exciting, but I think I can stick to them. I’d add the usual weight-loss resolution to that list, but since I lost 15 pounds this month (bringing me to a total of 79 pounds, woohoo!) I don’t want to jinx myself. 6 shopping days left ’til I turn 33! (Just so you know 🙂