thought I knew), so that’s all I’m singing. Over and over and over again. Miz Poo’s getting pretty tired of it, too. If you’re still stuck on what to get me for my birthday, this will do. It’s apparently $4000 for an off-season week. Oh heck, why not go all out and just buy me the damn island? 🙂 So Fred’s biting the bullet and taking me out to dinner tomorrow evening at a new seafood restaurant in Madison (The Hungry Fisherman). I suspect around this time tomorrow I’ll be digging into a dozen or so raw oysters. Mmmmm… You know, there’s just not a lot going on today. I’m sure the world is gearing up to witness my turning 33 tomorrow and all the hoopla that accompanies such an event. That, or everyone’s excitedly waiting for Temptation Island to premiere. One or the other. We watched Hollow Man last week, in fact we watched it twice – once with just Fred and I, once with his parents – and liked it a great deal. I have to ask, though, what the fuck was up with Elisabeth Shue’s hair? It was like she was channeling Meg Ryan’s ‘do or something, and IT WAS NOT FLATTERING. I hate that particular cut, and I haven’t a clue why anyone would run around with hair that looks like it’s been cut by someone wearing a blindfold and using dull scissors. You know, the last time I mentioned Meg Ryan’s hair, I found out later that day that she and Dennis Quaid were splitting up. I think Elisabeth Shue better hold on to her husband… Talking about Kevin Bacon – well, about his movie anyway – reminds me of the picture I once saw in People of Sean Penn doing his Kevin Bacon imitation, which consisted solely of using a piece of tape to go under his nose and stick to his cheeks at either side. He was a dead ringer for Kevin Bacon, I’m telling you. In fact, when I first saw the picture, I squinted and thought to myself "What’s wrong with Kevin Bacon?" That little pig nose of his sure is distinctive. One more day ’til my birthday! Woohoo!