loobylu mug, and the When Harry Met Sally dvd. The dvd was a real surprise to me, because I only found out yesterday that it was coming out today! Woohoo! I really made out, considering that I’m also being taken out for dinner tonight. Do my husband and my readers totally rock, or what? Oh, and I got $50 from my parents, a gift certificate to the Hallmark store from my grandmother, and Fred’s dad is sending money. I could spend the money I got on Amazon and clear out my wish list. But then, I DO have about six gazillion books waiting for me to read them, so maybe not. Despite the fact that it was my birthday and the little devil on my shoulder was urging me not to, I actually rolled my ass out of bed and exercised first thing this morning. That little devil, he’s not as powerful as he used to be. Miz Poo has a new little weird thing that she does. I’ll be laying on the bed, on top of the covers, talking to Fred, and she’ll jump up behind me, and start digging at my clothes. Around and around me she goes, diggingdiggingdigging. All I can figure is that she thinks my clothes are blankets and she wants to join me under them. You’d think she’d have learned after several hundred futile digging attempts, wouldn’t you? I’m starting to get annoyed with the video store we frequent. It’s a large store and you get to keep the movies for 5 nights, which is cool. HOWEVER, nothing is where it should be in this store. There are comedy movies put in the drama section, there are exercise videos stuck in the horror section (I think you know what I’m thinking, don’t you?), and even if the movies are in the right section, they’re not in the right part of the section. In other words, they’re supposed to be alphabetized, but they’re all mixed up, and it really ticks me off to have to spend ten minutes looking for The Joy Luck Club, only to find it somewhere in the Ys. The other thing that ticks me off is that they NEVER have the dvds of new releases out when I show up sometime after 11:00. And today, The Wonder Boys was nowhere to be found, even though from everything I’ve heard, it came out today. When I asked the girl working behind the counter, she had NO FUCKING CLUE. And they’ve always got new managers coming in and frigging around with the layout. Like I said, it’s starting to piss me off, and I may have to change allegiances back to the movie store we used to frequent. Again, thanks to y’all for the kind eCards and birthday wishes. I truly appreciate them, and you’ve made this a birthday to remember. —–]]>