Thirty-five eCards and emails wishing me a happy birthday. How freakin’ cool is that? Thirty-five people out there taking the time to send cards and wish me a happy day. Too cool. 2. UPS came a-knockin’ at the door last evening. Fred answered and found a package for me. What was it? A book off my wish list from the wonderful (and coolly named) Bitter Hag. Took me by complete surprise, and it was a book I was wanting something fierce. Awesome. 3. The wonderful Deb, taking time to check out my wish list, realizing she had one of the books on my list, and telling me she’s gonna send it to me. This could only be better if she sent Madison or Kierstin along with the book. I adore little red-headed kiddies, and sometimes think of dumping Fred and taking up with a redheaded man so I can have a redheaded kid of my own. But I digress. Deb = rockin’. All of you totally rock. I don’t know how this birthday could possibly have been any better, unless someone really had bought me that island. So thank you to everyone who sent me happy wishes and eCards and presents, and, hell, just plain thought to themselves "I hope that bitch has a good birthday", thank you for all the emails you’ve sent since I started my journal, and thank you most of all for reading. You ROCK, maaaaaaaan! —–]]>