Boston Public and then read an article about Hannibal before you go to bed? Well, I don’t know what happens when YOU do, but when I do, I immediately fall into a deep sleep wherein I dream that Harry Senate from Boston Public and I catch Williams Hinks, the serial killer who was stalking Lindsay on The Practice, and after we’d caught him, we cooked him in a spicy red sauce and served him over angel hair pasta. Yeah. I had some weird dreams last night. In fact, I’ve had weird dreams the last few nights. I wonder if it’s ’cause I’m supposed to be starting my period today, and thus my hormones are running wild? That, or the fact that I’m staying up a little later than usual these days, because when you can sleep in until 6:45 am, 9:30 pm is just a tad too early for bed, even when you’re like me and really really like to sleep. Last week sometime, on Beth‘s forum board, the topic was door-to-door solicitors and how you deal with them. I posted a reply that said, in part, We get the occasional solicitor, but much in the way I refuse to answer the phone if I don’t recognize the number, I don’t open the door if I don’t recognize the person. I don’t give a shit if they can see me or not; if I don’t know them, I don’t open the door. I was on the phone with Fred, who was at work, on Monday, and as I sat on the loveseat and chatted, the doorbell rang. "Who the hell is that?" Fred asked. I snuck to the bedroom window and look out to see a nicely dressed woman standing in the middle of the driveway watching another nicely dressed woman who was standing on the porch ringing our doorbell. "Oh shit, it’s church people!" I hissed to Fred, and then ran into the bathroom to hide until they went away. This morning as I was sitting in front of the computer, I saw a nicely dressed young man across the street knocking on the front door of our neighbors. I got up and went to clean out the litter box, and as I was cleaning said litter box, the doorbell rang. I stepped in toward the washer and hid there until he went away. Yeah, that’s me, not giving a shit if they can see me or not… —–]]>