[deleted] I told you about where it’s $20 to set up and $20 a month after that, unlimited internet access? Well, I got the disk from them today, and do you suppose it worked? Of COURSE not!! Fuckin’ A!! So, I was SO pissed off that I was going to clean (gasp!), but my clothes were in piles all over the living room rug (’cause I was doing laundry (double gasp!), which desperately needed to be vacuumed, so I decided to bake instead. I looked through the cookbook to see what I could make, and I ended up making an "Easy Fudge Cake", which is that cake Mom used to occasionally make, with the fudge sauce on the bottom. So I made the cake part, and I was attempting to measure out the brown sugar that went in the sauce part, and of COURSE it (the brown sugar) was hard as a rock, so I was scraaaaaaaping it out, a little at a time, and a big ol’ boulder of brown sugar came flying out and disintegrated all over hell and creation. But I remained calm. I finished making the cake and put it in the oven, and went and got the vacuum cleaner and vacuumed up the foot and a half of brown sugar coating the kitchen floor, and then I decided to take the garbage out. And, because no one bothered to tell me we’re almost out of garbage bags, I didn’t bother to buy more, so I went around the house and tried to fit all the garbage in one garbage bag. Well, in the bottom of the kitchen garbage can, there is a cup of (clean) kitty litter (because it absorbs odors), and when I upended the kitchen garbage can over the garbage bag I was filling, retardedly forgetting that there was kitty litter in the bottom, kitty litter went everywhere. And at the same moment, the FUCKING smoke detector went off, ’cause some of the sauce in the cake had spilled over and landed on the bottom of the oven and begun to burn, thereupon sending billows of reeking smoke throughout the house, which I somehow had failed to notice. And I yelled "Any fucking thing else?!", addressing, I guess, God. But he didn’t answer. So I vacuumed up the FUCKING kitty litter and had a frozen pizza for lunch, and some of the "Easy Fudge Cake" with vanilla ice cream for dessert, and it was GOOD. And I’m still waiting for that stupid-ass cat to shit out that ribbon. And [the ex] may or may not be going to start work at the BOQ (which is different from the BEQ, which is where he is right now) at night. Because the woman working at the BOQ right now has put in a request to be moved to days because she is a single mother with a one year-old, and she has to pay a gazillion dollars for daycare (I mean nightcare) while she’s at work, and then she has to go home and take care of the kid all day long, too, so she isn’t getting much sleep. I hope he DOES start working nights, ’cause I sure wouldn’t mind at all, except for the fact that he’d be around all day, which would be a great big pain in my ass. I NEED A JOB!! Hey, if I came back to Maine, would you hire me back at the errand service?!* (har de har) Take it easy and write back when you can. *Refers to the fact that I put "Deb’s Errand Service" on my resume to bulk it up at one point, and claimed that I’d worked at said errand service for three years until the owner, Deb, quit the business to go back to school. Needless to say, there never was a Deb’s Errand Service, but Deb was willing to pose as the aforementioned owner and give me a sterling reference should anyone call to check. No one ever called to check, but I did get a pretty good temporary Admin Ass job from it. People in charge of hiring never really seem to check references, at least in my experience. Y’all have a good weekend! ]]>