I checked out weather.com last night before we took the spud to her flute lessons, and then threw a bit of a hissy fit. "Fucking motherfucking asswipes!" I snarled, stomping around and waving my arms.

"What?" Fred asked, turning around to stare at me.

"Earlier today, weather.com said it was going to be SUNNY tomorrow, and now they’re saying we’re going to have MOTHERFUCKING SCATTERED SHOWERS!" I yelled, stomping and waving some more.

"Well, it’s not like they control the weather," Fred pointed out reasonably.

Don’t you hate it when someone tries to be reasonable in the midst of your tightly choreographed hissy fit?

"Shut up!" I hissed and went stomping off upstairs to set the vcr to tape Survivor.

Luckily, Mother Nature heard my tantrum and was sore afraid, ’cause it turned out to be pretty damn nice.

And I cut 4 minutes off my walk this morning. Well, I usually do it in 98 – 103 minutes (depending on how long I have to wait to cross the street, and how many doggies there are to stop and pet), and I did stop and pet two dogs, PLUS there’s that 3-minute cool-down walk at the end, so really I’m doing a 4 mph pace, wouldn’t you say?

I wish.

So was last night’s Survivor lame, or what? The only thing I found interesting (and funny as hell) was Ogakor’s first night, when Colby’s snoring kept everyone up all night. Oh, and Kimmi and Alicia’s argument over the chickens, when Alicia did the head-bob-and-finger-wave. I love that Alicia!

I’m glad it’s going back to Thursday nights next week, because the spud has flute lessons on Wednesday evenings, and we don’t get home until after Survivor has started, so we have to set up the vcr to tape, and THEN we have to wait until the show’s over to watch it.

Y’all know that the only reason they even bothered to put that stupid filler show on is so that the last show will be on during May sweeps, right? I’d suspected as much and had my suspicions confirmed on the TWA Survivor thread this morning.

That’s just damn lame. Not lame enough to get me to stop watching, you understand, but lame nonetheless.