Did everyone go right out and buy the new Stephen King book, Dreamcatcher? They happened to have it at Sam’s, so I picked it up, but make no mistake – I would have made a special stop at the bookstore if need be. It was a lot cheaper at Sam’s, though – less than $16. I’m currently trying to finish up my monthly pile of magazines so I can get started on Dreamcatcher, and Fred’s racing through the books he’s reading now, trying to beat me to it.

Fortunately, I have many more lazing-around-the-house-reading hours in the day than he does.

I’m so damn ready for the weather to start warming up. Parts of Alabama had a thick layer of snow this morning, and although we didn’t have snow, we had FUCKING cold driving rain – in fact, it was so cold and nasty out that I didn’t walk outside this morning, and that certainly doesn’t please me.

I’m walking outside tomorrow though, come hell or high water. And judging by the bridge I drove over on my way to Sam’s this morning, there’s plenty of high water to go around.

So, since we reformatted my hard drive (NOT the computer, I am told, we didn’t reformat the computer, we reformatted the HARD DRIVE, so says Mr. Stickler for Unimportant Details. Whatever.), I was able to reinstall Napster. I couldn’t get on anymore because when I tried I was informed that I was a Very Bad Person and had been reported as having renegade songs on my computer, and they’d only reinstate my Napster rights if I filled out this form detailing my name, address, phone number, email address, bra size, blood type, and sent it to them along with my firstborn child. Being the wily criminal type, I refused to do any such thing because I KNOW that what would happen is that one day while I was sitting slack-jawed in front of the computer, they’d bust into the house with a battering ram and seize my computer, Fred’s computer, the spud’s computer, our stereos, our Jeeps, and – for good measure – Miz Poo, so they could sell everything and send the proceeds to Lars Ulrich.

I’m on to their game. Not much gets by me, nosirree.

So I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Napster, hoping that they wouldn’t realize I was the same old me, but they did. The program left something sneaky behind so that when I tried to sign on as Bessie May, a little flag popped up somewhere that told them I was still me. The reformatting worked, though, and I’m back in the saddle again.

The bitch of it is that I can’t think of a damn thing to download. I’ve been carrying around a mental list for two months now, and as soon as I got back into Napster, the list disappeared. I did happen to think of downloading Tiny Dancer, since we watched Almost Famous this past weekend, and I just adore the singalong on the bus. In fact, I may have to buy the damn movie just for that scene. I downloaded the Elton John version, and then I downloaded the version Dave Grohl did on – what’s that show with Craig Kilbourne? Late Night or something? – well, that’s where Dave Grohl sang it, anyway, and it’s pretty damn good. You should go download it, too.

Ever since I downloaded it, the song – the chorus, really – is looping through my mind, and it’s driving me NUTS. Could be worse, I guess.

Hold me closer, tiny dancer…

That was a good closing line, but I need to add here that I got an email update from the people who are running the 3-Day in Atlanta, and I have $750 accumulated so far! I’ll have a page listing all my sponsors (first name, last initial, city) in the next few days (weeks)(months), so keep an eye out for it. Thank you so much, everyone!!!