Fancypants with muddy feet decides to jump up on the wall at the top of the stairs and leaves big red muddy footprints on the wall, it stops being so beautifully glowingly clean and white. And white walls in high traffic areas, where everyone runs their hands along the walls as they go down the stairs? Not so white and clean. Grimy, in fact. And those painted white cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms? Peeling, of course, because they’re no longer under warranty. It took me fifteen minutes to scrape the grease and dust, which had bonded together like an ugly superglue, off the top of the cabinets over the stove. And the DOORS, god help me people, the doors attract dirt like, well, like something that attracts something else in a big way. The big window over the front door? It’s still dirty, ’cause I can’t reach it to clean it, not to mention the fact that it needs a shade or curtain, because I’m being kept from wandering around the house nekkid by the knowledge that the neighbors could see me, and none of us want that. On the upside, I did get rid of an assload of stuff (and with MY ass, that’s a lot of stuff! Oh, I slay me…). From the master bedroom closet alone, I got rid of SIX garbage bags full of clothes. There was part of a sweater box in there from when Miz Poo was a kitten, and it was our bright idea to cut a little kitten hole in the side of the sweater box and put it over her food so that Tubby‘s fat ass couldn’t get in there to eat all her food when my back was turned. There was a bag of kitten chow, from the same period of time. There was a small calendar I’d put up on the shelf that I’d intended to put in the spud’s christmas stocking and forgot about. From Christmas 1999. In one of my dresser drawers, I found a receipt from Christmas 1998. So what I’m saying is that it had been a while since I’d last done any serious cleaning. I ended up with three loads of stuff to take to the dumpster that benefits a battered women and children’s shelter. I ended up with a pile of stuff to give away to you, my beloved readers. I still need to sort through that pile and take pictures, though, so it’ll be a few days before that entry gets put up. As I told Fred more than once, I’m done with my spring cleaning for another three years. I know I owe a lot of emails to y’all. I plan (hope) to get to them later today and finish up tomorrow. A girl can always dream, anyway… ]]>