Miz Poo wandered in and vomited on the rug. I cleaned it up, but within about ten minutes, she did it three more times. I was a little concerned, thinking that she was dealing with a particularly troublesome hairball – though I don’t think I’ve ever once seen her hock up a hairball – and kept exercising. When I was done and went out to the computer room to suit up for my outside walk, I saw that she’d vomited twice more. I got my shoes and outside clothes on (trust me, the world’s not ready for my inside exercise clothes) and decided to run upstairs to check on her, hoping she felt a little better. She was laying by the couch, Tubby and Spanky laying on either side of her, watching her with interest, and she was panting very roughly and loudly. After a quick phone consultation with Fred, I called the Vet’s office and they told me to bring her right in. In the car, she made her usual unearthly sounds, which gave me hope that whatever was ailing her hadn’t hurt her too badly. The vet arrived a few minutes after we got there, looked her over thoroughly (and in homage to her father, she shot a hard little turd at him when he lifted her tail) and declared that she was having an allergic reaction to something. Since she’d been outside earlier, we determined that she probably got ahold of a bee or wasp, which made her sick. He shot her up with benadryl, cortisone, and an anti-emetic, then kept her for a few hours for observation. I picked her up sometime after eleven, and she’s okay, if a tad needy and whiny. For the first few hours, she wouldn’t let me out of her sight for one second, but as of this moment she’s upstairs supervising the spud’s dishwashing methods. I really do love all my kitties, but it’s no secret that she’s my favorite. I think I’ll need to be hospitalized when it’s her turn to go. And since we’re talking about feces (see the shooting turd a few paragraphs up), Fred and I decided that last week must have been Feces Week on the reality shows. First of all, one of the girls on Boot Camp spent a few minutes talking about how the DIs gave them 45 seconds to go to the bathroom, but she didn’t care if she got in trouble, ’cause at least her butt would be clean. Then, on Eco-Challenge, one of the guys (I don’t recall which) discussed how his bowel movements were the best they’d ever been. Lastly, on Survivor, it was a total shit-o-rama, between the shots of everyone going up over the hill to use the latrine, and Nick’s comment that if he didn’t clean his butt, the whole tent would "smell like ass" that night. Speaking of Eco-Challenge, who the hell won, anyone know? Like the dumbass I am, I didn’t realize that the last night was two hours long, and so I only taped the first hours. Damnit. And I was really getting into it, too! So if you caught the end of it, let me know who won, wouldya, along with whether or not the team that was trying to make it into the top 10 (2 women, 2 men, but damned if I can remember the team name) did it or not. Thanks. ]]>