know I made him show me so that I could get pictures with which to entertain my readers. We located Jesus moving slowly down the road across the street from a tiny mall consisting of a travel agency, candle shop, and chiropractor’s office. At the earliest opportunity, we did a u-turn and parked in the parking lot of the credit union Jesus was slowly approaching. That cross must have been heavy, because Jesus was not doing any power walking, believe you me. As he approached, I snapped a closeup. Since I wasn’t struck down by lightning or anything, I took a chance and snapped another. Um, what’s up with the wheel on the end of your cross, Jesus? They didn’t let you get away with that the first time around, did they? And the baseball cap keeping wind, sun and rain out of your face, what’s up with that? And the shorts, t-shirt, hiking boots and backpack? Were the Romans okay with that fashion statement? Are you sure you’re Jesus? At least he’s a happy Jesus instead of the Suffering Jesus you usually see when he’s portrayed carrying the cross, as you can see by the grin on his face. In fact, for the several minutes we watched him (being good little heathens) he grinned continually. Of course, first time around he didn’t get wheels on the end of his cross, so perhaps he’s not suffering as much this go-round. We didn’t beep at him, though, unlike other Madison-ians, who are surely going straight to hell. And here’s Jesus hauling his cross across the intersection, still grinning like a happy fool. I guess he kept on toward Golgotha, but I had to get my butt home and check out my pictures. ]]>