virtual tour – and a lot of cat hair and dust tends to gather there, like such (am I picture happy this week, or what?): "I told you after I vacuumed the entire upstairs on Monday that I was going to do the stairs and downstairs on Tuesday, but then my ankle started hurting!" I pointed out. Notice that I said I vacuumed the ENTIRE UPSTAIRS, as though it’s an all-day event, rather than taking up 7 minutes of my valuable ass-sitting time. He had no recollection of that whatsoever, of course. Sometimes when I babble on about housework and such, I can actually watch the words go in one ear and out the other. But that’s okay, ’cause I do it to him too. Probably one of the reasons we’re so happily married. Did y’all watch Boot Camp last night? It was pretty good, especially the reactions of the DIs when they found out Yaney had been made squad leader; one of the DIs (I don’t know which one it was; except for the female, I can’t tell any of them apart) asked if the recruits had had crack for breakfast. My favorite part, though, was when another of the DIs (or perhaps the same one, I dunno) was talking softly to Yaney about the missing equipment, and realized that Wolf was nearby, and without missing a beat turned around and bellowed "Get out! Get out of my face!" and Wolf turned and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Wolf has a face that’s begging to be smacked, in my opinion. My friend Liz once told me I’d make a good drill instructor. I might have had the bellowing down pat, but the physical stuff would have killed me. Recruit Yaney, by the way, is a friend of Melissa‘s. And from what I saw on Boot Camp last week, he’s pretty handy with the balloon art. SIR! RECRUIT BITCHYPOO IS DONE WITH HER ENTRY AND READY TO POST IT, SIR!]]>