from Miz Kelli Jelly Bean, who saw that I was coveting the paperclip earrings she herself had, and sent me a pair, not once, but twice, because the post office lost the first pair! Well, SUPPOSEDLY they lost the first pair, but to tell the truth, the ex-Marine/ Drew Carrey clone who works there certainly looks like the kind of guy who would steal paperclip earrings to wear his own self, the bastard. By the way, I spent a large part of Sunday afternoon drawing names for the free stuff and sending off emails to let the people who had won know what they’d won. If you haven’t gotten said email from me by now, you didn’t win, sorry. But take heart – there’ll be more free stuff someday, I’m sure of it. Now I’ll be spending the week packing up all that free stuff and taking it to the post office. I sent the first 7 packages today, and have figured – using a calculator, since I’m not math smarty-pants – that if I take 7 packages every day, I’ll be able to get them all out by the end of the week. At least I’m hoping that’s the way it’ll work. I plan to go see Bridget Jones’s Diary this week sometime. I was going to go today, but realized that dinner was going to be chicken soup, and the half chicken in the freezer needed to simmer for a few hours, and I wouldn’t be home in time to get it started. Then I planned to go tomorrow, but I have a hair appointment in the morning and need to hit the movie store and Sam’s Club, so I’m thinking I may run out of time to go to the matinee. Maybe Wednesday, if I can clear time in my busy schedule. I ask you, how the hell did I ever get everything done when I was working full-time? ]]>