Little Nicky came out today, god knows we can’t miss that…) I headed for Sam’s Club, which is about a half-hour drive through the most congested streets of Huntsville. Once there, before I got out of the Jeep, I looked through my wallet for my membership card so I wouldn’t have to search for it at the door like annoying people do. I looked in all the crooks and crannies of my wallet but it was nowhere to be seen. A lightbulb went on over my head as I recalled cleaning out my wallet last night and taking out what I thought was a used-up Wal-Mart gift card and tossing it in the trash. But the used-up Wal-Mart gift card was still in my wallet. What a dumbass. What’s worse is that I was about two-thirds of the way home before I realized I should have just gone in to customer service and told them that I’d lost my card. Dumbass, take two. Took another 6 packages to the post office, where the same guy waited on me. No doubt when he sees me walk through the door tomorrow, he’ll be sure to put up his "closed" sign immediately. So with 7 packages yesterday and 6 today, that’s (doing the math) halfway there. Or somethin’. The pile that’s been covering the couch in the computer room is slowly disappearing, thank god, since I like to snooze on that couch with Miz Poo from time to time, and having the pile there (whose bright idea was it to put that pile there anyway, huh?) is putting a crimp in my style. Did y’all watch Boston Public last night? When the paramedics were working on Christine, I pointed out "They never say ‘joules’ on ER." And then in every medical-type scene we sat and discussed the fakiness of what was going on, comparing it all to ER. The implication being, of course, that ER‘s a medical show, so they always do everything correctly. What’s up with Guber, running around firing everyone at the drop of a hat? And that kid from Freaks and Geeks is getting a tad creepy, isn’t he? Doesn’t he know that it’s not even funny to be talking about his "list"? Speaking of Anthony Heald (Guber, if you didn’t know), he reads the audiobook I listen to when I’m walking outside, Dean Koontz’s Dark Rivers of the Heart, and there’s a huge difference between listening to Stephen King read a book, and hearing an actor like Anthony Heald read a book. When exciting things are happening in the book I’m listening to, Anthony Heald’s voice reflects that, speeds up so much that you can almost hear his heart pounding. On the other hand, when he reads a scene with a lot of scientific detail, his voice goes all flat and dry, and you can practically hear him yawn. The only parts I don’t like is when he’s doing a woman’s voice, because he sounds exceedingly prissy. Overall, though, I highly recommend it. Speaking of Stephen King, I’m currently a little more than halfway through Dreamcatcher, and I need to warn anyone who’s not read it yet: do NOT read this book while eating! Stephen King is, at least during the first third or so of the book, absolutely fascinated by poop and farts in obsessive loving detail. Gah. Not the thing to be reading when you’re eating a ham sandwich and a pickle, believe you me. —–]]>