Fred had no problem whatsoever getting Spanky into the cat carrier this morning. He popped him in the carrier before Spanky knew what was going on, and in the carrier poor Spanky stayed for half an hour until the vet’s office was open and I could go drop him off.

During that half hour, Miz Poo, Mr. Fancypants, and Tubby sat around and sniffed at Spanky through the holes in the carrier, probably relieved that it wasn’t their turn, not this time. Spanky made one strong attempt to escape, but since he could only fit a single paw through that two-inch hole, he was not terribly successful.

I sent Moira an email last night, and she insisted I put the story in my journal so, word for word, here it is:

We’ve been having a problem with one of the cats pooping next to the litter box, on the rug it sits on, instead of inside the litter box itself. Every time it’s happened, I’ve gotten all pissed and bitched about it to Fred. Finally, he suggested that I put newspaper next to the box, and just toss the paper when it happens. So I cleaned the entire litter box area and put down several pieces of newspaper to catch the wayward poo. The next morning I come downstairs, and what do I find? A little pile of cat poo.

NEXT to the newspaper. As if the little bastard had said “Oh, can’t poo on Mom’s newspaper, don’t want to get it all nasty!”

Figures, doesn’t it?

And since this is apparently going to be an all-kitty entry, I must inform you all that the reason Spanky needed to go to the vet’s this morning is because he’s been having problems peeing. Every time I walked by the litter box, he was in there, and this morning he was in pee position on the rug in front of Fred’s shower, and nothing happened. I thought at first that he might be diabetic because it seemed that he was drinking a lot as well, but come to find out (I just picked him up from the vet’s) he actually has Cystitis which, according to the informational pamphlet they gave me, is the medical term for "inflammation" (their quotes, not mine) of the Urinary Bladder.

We have to give him 3 pills a day for 3 weeks. Thank god Fred’s pretty good at getting the cats to take pills, because I’m completely hopeless.

Oh, and we have to give him the ultra-expensive Hill’s Science Diet Prescription Formula. And since it’s hard to control what he eats when there’s food available all the time in the food dish, that means we’ll be feeding that ultra-expensive food to all the kitties.

AND all of the other kitties need to have their yearly exams and shots, and I made the stupid mistake of making an appointment for each of them on a different day next week.

Since I don’t want to take a second mortgage out on the house to pay for all those appointments, I guess I need to call and cancel them and reschedule one every other week or something.

Tomorrow, perhaps I’ll fascinate y’all with stories about dryer lint.