So, we made an offer on another house yesterday, but since I don’t want to jinx it, I’m not going to talk about it until we find out whether it’s been accepted or not.

Instead, I’m going to take the quick and easy way out. It’s, once again, time for the Diarist Award nominations, and since I’ve been somewhat (read: not very) careful about bookmarking the entries I want to nominate, I can slap up the links here with a little comment, and voila! Instant entry!

I have to uphold my laziest gal in the south title, don’t I?

So, here we go, but not before I mention that if you think you wrote an incredible entry (and I’m sure you did!), and it’s not on this list, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like. What it more likely means is that I had a brainfart whilst reading said entry and forgot to bookmark it, get it? No whining, okay? Okay. Here we go:

Abeyance. An incredible, brave entry, and I know I’ve linked to it before, but when someone lays their heart out there like this, it highly deserves recognition.

…the day the music died. I was never a Ramones fan, and probably couldn’t have picked Joey Ramone out of a lineup if my life depended on it. That said, I know that he meant a lot to a lot of people, and Roe’s entry about it is great reading.

Animal Rights and Tim McVeigh. You’ve gotta love Miz Bitter Hag, it’s the law.

Mother’s Day, 2001. A great Mother’s Day entry.

Die Shari, die. If you’re not reading Poundy, you oughta be. I always find myself grinning and nodding as I read Wendy’s entries.

When in Doubt, Use Parsley. Amy’s always funny, but as I scrolled down this entry to the second picture, I snorted with a mouthful of water in my mouth, and almost died. Even thinking about it makes me giggle uncontrollably. And this entry made me laugh pretty hard as well, especially because of the last line. Hee!

Hand Plucks Floating Child from Water. I just love and adore reading Secra’s trials and tribulations as she gets ready for her wedding, and god knows we’ve all dealt with women like Ludmilla.

Mellow out or you will pay. Everyone loves Dana (who doesn’t write nearly enough and should be locked in a room with a computer and forced to entertain me endlessly, as should you all), but I particularly like this entry.

more.than.this. Heather happens to be one of my favorite journallers, an excellent writer, and this entry about the other side of postpartum depression is one of her best.

Things that are stressing me out. Jan’s another of my favorites, and god knows I love LOVE a good rant.

Time to trim the shrub. Yes, I also love Saundra, and I love this rant. What’s funny is that I greatly enjoy Saundra’s journal, as well as Athena’s journal Lexxicon, and though the two are far apart as far as politics go, I find myself frequently agreeing with one or the other.

Maybe it’s that wishy-washy middle child thing I’ve got going on.

Story of O, Big O, O Yeah. Saundra again. Tell me again why this woman isn’t raking in zillions of dollars, with Hollywood at her feet?

The Book of Dadliness. I love entries like this, and I bet Schuyler will like reading them when she’s older.

Sincerely Your’s. Sars hit most of my pet peeves, ESPECIALLY the whole web sight/cite/site thing. Grrr. The ones she hit that aren’t pet peeves of mine are things of which I am guilty. Alright, for example. Oops!

There were several good entries about the whole Kaycee Nicole thing, but I only bookmarked Nicole’s entry, Truth Hits Everybody. Nicole said what I was thinking and feeling far better than I ever could have, and probably with fewer naughty words.

Okay, that’s everything I had bookmarked. I can’t believe there were no Athena or Melissa entries, what’s up with that?

Must’ve been that whole brainfart thing I mentioned earlier.