The spud, on the plane. We were, if I recall correctly, sitting in the plane on the runway in Bangor, hoping like hell we were about to fly back to Portland. All our hoping was for naught, however. Grrrr. The spud and I, in the bathroom in the Bangor airport. See me gritting my teeth? I grinded (ground?) my teeth so often that day that I’m surprised I didn’t grind them down to little nubs. This is a former church in downtown Lisbon Falls. A family now lives there. Wouldn’t it be cool to buy a CHURCH and fix it up right? Talk about your big-ass living room! The Kitty Korner, home of the best damn Ham Italians in all of Maine. Trust me. They have some damn fine whoopie pies, too. The spud, my dad, and Brian. We went out to breakfast at the Country Buffet in South Portland (mmm!), and my dad and the kids wore matching Old Navy t-shirts. The spud, my mother, me, Brian, and my sister Debbie. Still in front of the Country Buffet. I believe we were all ready to go home and take naps. The spud and Brian in the back of Debbie’s car. She’s selling it; that’s what the sign in the back window is for. Let me know if you’re in or around Maine and have need of a 5-speed Toyota Corolla. Only $1500, and it’s in pretty damn good shape. The Sea Basket in Wiscasset, home of the best. Lobster. Stew. EVER. My parents’ dog Benji, and my brother’s dog, Cola. Cola is one seriously hyper dog. And Benji was feeling particularly amorous that day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any pictures of the little dog humping the big dog, damnit. My mother, the spud, Brian, and Debbie. They were showing off the size of their feet and hands. My mother, Debbie, the spud and I all wear size 9 shoes.


Brian and the spud on a picnic table. They’re such little goobers.


Brian and the spud again. We all (except my dad, who was travelling to Oklahoma for work) went out to eat at Ricetta’s. Debbie and I split a damn fine pizza, and their chocolate chip cannoli was to die for.


Benji again. In this picture, he’s in the backseat with the spud. My parents take him EVERYWHERE with them. He’s spoiled rotten in ways we’d never have dreamed of when we were kids. I was the last one to leave the house one day (I was going over to Liz’s to watch a movie), and had to put him in his crate. They told me to give him something like 5 treats so he wouldn’t starve to death in that crate. Spoiled rotten, I’m telling you.


Me, Debbie, Brian, my mother, and the spud. We went out to a chinese buffet in Brunswick for dinner. So I pulled out the camera, of course.


Liz. We were driving back from Brunswick, on our way to her house to watch a movie and eat dinner. Note that the braces make her look like she’s about 13. She actually got carded when we were in Applebees, and I’m betting it’s ’cause of the braces.


Benji again. I kept following him around with the camera, poor doggy. I was messing with the settings, and got this one in black and white. Came out pretty well, if I do say so myself.


The day before I left Maine, my mother and I took my grandmother out to lunch at the Sea Dog Brewery in Topsham. This was the view from the deck, where we ate. That would be the Brunswick – Topsham bridge which connects, oddly enough, Brunswick and Topsham.


Another self-portrait in another bathroom. I should have used the flash so I wouldn’t be so green. I think that light gray is not my color.


My grandmother’s house – and my mother and grandmother in the driveway. I’ve always thought that my grandmother’s house is just the cutest thing.


Brian and his kissable cheeks. Doesn’t he have the prettiest eyes?


The spud had blond streaks put in her hair, and her hair thinned by Debbie’s neighbor. Looks pretty damn cute, doesn’t she?


Yes, this is the picture I put on the front page. Brian, Debbie, me, and the spud in front of (guess where?!) the Country Buffet in South Portland. We met there for a late breakfast on Sunday before my parents and the kids brought me to the airport.

So that’s it, those are the vacation pics. Next year maybe I’ll be brave and take the camera to the beach with us. Maybe not.