Lord god almighty, what next? What next, I ask you?

Heh. I started that entry last night and didn’t get any farther. Those of you on the notify list already know what happened yesterday, but for those of you who aren’t on the list (hmph), here’s a quick little recap:

JeffTheRealtor called Fred yesterday at work and while I don’t know exactly how the conversation went, it came out that while Jeff told us Saturday that the sellers had accepted our offer as written, what they had actually done was accept the offer as written EXCEPT that they limited closing costs to $2,500. Estimated closing costs were $300 – $500 above that. When Fred called to tell me, I got so pissed I couldn’t see straight, and let out a string of obscenities that would have awed sailors the world over. We’d very clearly said to each other, before we got a response from the sellers, that IF they accepted the offer as written, it meant we were meant to live there. And IF they didn’t, we weren’t.

Obviously, we weren’t. A flurry of calls ensued between Jeff and Fred and Jeff offered eventually to make up the difference, and Fred said "Let me call Robyn."

Jeff has learned that "Let me call Robyn" many times precedes an event he doesn’t care for. That held true for this, because when Fred called and told me, I said "I don’t want the fucking house. And I almost want to fire Jeff’s ass. HE KNOWS BETTER than to pull this shit, HE KNOWS BETTER."

So Fred called Jeff back, told him we had a bad taste in our mouth(s) about the house, didn’t want it, and I was a lot madder than he (Fred) was. Jeff fussed and fumed, but since he had the other offer on the house, he got over it pretty quickly.

I was majorly stressed yesterday afternoon, let me tell you.

We went and looked at a house in a nearby subdivision. It had plenty of room and was on an acre of land – not an easy thing to find in Madison, believe me – but Fred is picky and persnickety, and while I could have happily lived in that house, he couldn’t. Later, we met Jeff at another house (by then I had calmed down enough that I didn’t wish him dead with quite the same vehemence). This house was great, but it hadn’t even gone up for sale yet; the people who lived there wanted to do some painting and have the carpets cleaned before they officially put it up for sale. We both really liked it, decided to talk about it, and as we walked out to the car, we noticed a house we’d noticed previously. We’d discounted it because it seemed to have almost no lawn at all, but I pointed out that we hadn’t really looked at the backyard, and maybe it was bigger than it seemed.

Fred asked Jeff if he had time to let us check it out, and Jeff agreed – at this point wishing we’d just buy a damn house and quit harrassing him, I’m sure.

Oh. My. God.

It was perfect. Perfect, I tell you! We walked through the front door, and it SMELLED like a brand-new house, and LOOKED like a brand-new house, and had more than enough room for our stuff, and we liked the color of the walls, and the carpet was spotless.

We went home, talked about it, and an hour later made an offer. This morning, the sellers accepted, and will even let us move in a day early, so we don’t have to stay in a hotel overnight or board the cats.

The yard’s not as big as we would have liked, but it’s flat, and it’s bigger than the one we currently have. There’s room for a future pool, if we so desire, and the house is at the end of a cul-de-sac, AND the spud will still be in the same school, though not as close as the previous house was.


We’ll be living two houses away from JeffTheRealtor.


My husband the dork, and Jeff the realtor.

PS: I was going to spend the morning getting caught up on email, but I spent the morning walking 11 miles instead. I’m selfish that way. Once again, I’m behind on email and I’ll get caught up tomorrow. No wait, I’ll be walking 11 miles then, too. And Friday I’ll be recovering in my soft, warm bed. I guess what I’m saying is, don’t hold your breath. But I love you!