house pictures so that all and sundry can look at it and drool. And went to sign preliminary mortgage approval papers. Or somethin’. And went to look at the house again, because we’re dorks. Moving on… People, please don’t send me .exe attachments, especially if I might not recognize your email address, and most especially without anything in the email aside from the attachment, because I will assume you’re doing your best to send me a virus, and I will immediately delete it and wash down my computer and all computer parts with ammonia in hopes of keeping your virus away from me. I’ve learned my lesson, alright? Person at the @ccconnection.com address, I’m looking at you. I spent a couple of house packing up the spud’s room this morning. Damn but that child has a LOT of stuff. I ended up filling several trash bags with stuff she never plays with anymore to give to a charitable organization that is NOT the Salvation Army. Did y’all watch Athena‘s boyfriend on Night Visions last night on FOX? If you didn’t, it’s a show very much like Tales from the Crypt, with short stories within the hour-long show (there were two stories in the one we watched last night), and DAMN it was good. And getting to look at Henry Rollins between stories doesn’t hurt a bit, either. Since you can probably tell that I messed around in Paint Shop Pro this morning, here’s something else for you to admire. I was reading either People or US Magazine over the weekend, and came across this picture, and immediately noticed… What didn’t strike me as funny wasn’t that Jennifer Anniston had her hand on George Clooney’s thigh or that Brad Pitt was noticing it as he laughed it up with George and Jenn, but the two together just cracked me up. I guess George has been too busy fending off Jennifer Anniston’s advances to break up Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt. Sh’yeah. I’m sure Brad’s reallllly worried. Okay, I need to go make it look like I’ve been working really hard all day, ’cause Fred’s on his way home, so y’all have a good weekend.]]>