All smooth and purty and non-frizzy, it was. Then I needed to run out to the Jeep (which is parked in the driveway) to get something out of the back seat, and after two minutes in the Alabama heat and humidity, I came inside to find that my hair looked more like this: Only, dark brown. And frizzier. If it was longer, I’d just yank it up in a bun all the time, I swear. Then I spent a couple of hours packing, which always sucks. After lunch, I decided that the upstairs desperately needed vacuuming, along with the stairs, where there were wild dust bunnies (comprised of cat hair) running, well, wild. So I went into Fred’s bedroom, where I had yanked his lovely bed away from the wall a few days ago when I was packing in there. He hadn’t bothered to push it back, so I grabbed one of the posts and tried yanking it. It’s a very heavy bed. Suddenly, I heard a loud ripping sound (neither my pants nor my back, thank you), and the post started to rip free. I was horrified and immediately in tears. I called Fred and confessed all, and he was calm and didn’t really seem to care one way or the other, actually. I don’t know that it’s really broken, but it doesn’t look great. I retrieved the vacuum cleaner from the closet and began vacuuming. I was about halfway done with the upstairs when I realized it just wasn’t picking up as well as it should be, requiring me to vacuum across cat hair piles (uh, small piles. It’s not like they were 5 feet high or anything…) more than once. I finally noticed that the hose, which was supposed to be plugged into the machine was hanging out, so half of everything I was vacuuming up was coming back out the hose. So like I said, today sucked. At least most of the downstairs is packed. Tomorrow, I get to start packing the garage. Oh joy.]]>