Miz Poo has been particularly whiny, following me around and meowing whiningly at me whenever I’m packing. Saturday, we took the weight machine apart (okay, Fred took the weight machine apart; I mostly sat on my ass and web-surfed) and moved it out to the garage, so that the movers will have an easier time of it next week. Miz Poo, of course, had to get all involved. That’s love glowing out of that little green eye. This afternoon as I was packing up the library, she sat and watched for a long time, and then began whining for me to pick her up. When I did, she jumped from my shoulder to the window in the library that’s six feet from the ground. She sat there watching me, and occasionally staring out the window, for a couple of hours. The other cats – mainly Spot and Fancypants – get up in that window all the time. They can jump from the dresser we have in there to the top of the bookcase, to the window. Miz Poo, having short ‘n stubby legs like her momma, can’t get up there without assistance. She probably could if she really tried, but she’s learned that if she whines at me enough, I’ll pick her up and put her where she wants to be. Just like a real kid. And, to make this a true Miz Poo entry, I mentioned a Miz Poo story via email to Moira the other day, and now I’ll share it with y’all. Fred and I were sitting in the library talking about something to do with the house, I’m sure, and we got to talking about the cats. I started imitating Fancypants, who has just the highest-pitched meow you’ve ever heard, and I heard a chirp, and Miz Poo LAUNCHED herself across the room at me. Her eyes were all dark, and she was staring at me, so I did it again. She got right up in my face and started sniffing at my mouth. So I meowed again, and she tried to stick her whole head in my mouth. I was crying, I was laughing so hard. I did it again, and she sniffed wildly at my mouth and then stuck her paw (blech!) in my mouth. Finally, she curled up on my chest, as close as she could lay to my face, and just sat and stared at me for, like, half an hour. It was the funniest damn thing, but unfortunately I can’t get her to react like that again. That’s it, that’s all the Miz Poo stories I have at the moment. I hope that’ll hold you.]]>