little shop in Gatlinburg, and he placed a recent order. Which got him wanting to visit Gatlinburg again. We’re going for Labor Day weekend, woohoo! He keeps saying he wants to retire to Gatlinburg; I don’t know if he’s serious. The blinds guy came to put up brand-spankin’-new blinds in our computer room, library, and the study upstairs. Oh, and the back door. I’ve hated being on the computer when it’s dark, ’cause it feels like the entire neighborhood is starting at me. Hopefully they have better things to do, but you know I think the world revolves around me. I think I’m going to cut this short, ’cause I have laundry left to do, and dirty mop water to dump out. You know, the exciting stuff. I don’t know what updating’s going to be like while my mother’s here. I feel that it would be rude to sit in front of the computer for hours as usual, so updating may be sporadic. And of course, if you’re on the notify list you’ll know when I’ve updated, anyway.]]>