Sex-y Fashions"; on the cover was a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker and whatshisname who plays Mr. Big. Please. Oh please, god in heaven, people, tell me that women in Manhattan do not strive to dress like SJP’s Carrie Bradshaw. Please? I love the show (yeah, I don’t give a shit if you think it’s gone downhill, I love the damn show, even though it’s getting a tad predictable, and I just couldn’t take Mighty Big TV’s snarky recaps of the show, because beyond all reason, I love the show and get a little happy feeling when I know it’s about to come on, so shut up.) but every FUCKING time I see SJP perk across the screen with some fucked-up ensemble on her little body, I go into seizures and wonder when the pain will stop. Have I ever seen her wear anything slightly normal? I mean, I KNOW I’m no fashion guru my(blackcottonpantsandoversizetshirtwearing)self, but JEEzus. Jeezus, jeezus, jeezus. And there’s this fucking magazine telling all and sundry how THEY TOO can get the Sex and the City look. Far be it from me to tell the people who dress the women who are supposedly on the cutting edge of fashion anything, but perhaps Carrie could set aside some of that cash she’s blowing on Manolo Blahniks (yeah, I KNEW what they were before the show ever existed, so shut up) and invest in, you know, some JEANS and a few T-SHIRTS? And I don’t mean jeans with big fucking flowers attached all over the place, and if she’s going to wear jeans, could she please not wear them with HEELS? If she wants the doofy flower, she can wear one on the shoulder of her t-shirt, I promise. And by the way, with taste as bad as hers, and a job as a columnist, should she be blowing all that money on Manolo Blahniks, anyway? Does she really make enough? Because personally, the day I spend more than, say, $40 on a pair of shoes (not including my New Balance walking shoes) is the day I have lost my fucking mind and need to be admitted to the psychiatric hospital, post-haste. I’ve for sure got better things to do with my money than spend $400+ of it on SHOES. Miranda would never spend $400 on a pair of shoes, would she? No, she’s far too (for the most part) sensible. Which is why she’s my favorite. You know, I have NO idea what my point is supposed to be. I think I’ll just call it an entry. Have a good weekend!]]>