here for a super-duper special birthday surprise. (Though I don’t know why I you’d really be surprised by this!) You have another birthday present coming, just something little, a few days late. Okay, probably more like a few WEEKS late. Happy birthday!! I think that the spud’s recent worries about my mother dying have entered my subconscious, because for the last two nights I’ve dreamt that Fred died. Both times I woke up frantic, saying to myself "Please tell me that was a dream, please tell me that was a dream…", and almost crying with relief when I realized that it was. I hate those damn dreams. Fred’s mom and stepdad came over Sunday to check out the new house, and they brought house-warming gifts with them – an adorable little wrought-iron hummingbird thingy that you hang outside and burn citronella candles in, some homegrown tomatoes, and Cardinal Vine and Four O’ Clock seeds. Here’s my question, southern gardeners – would it behoove me to plant them now, since we’ve still got a few months of warm weather left, or should I wait ’til next spring? Northern gardeners are more than welcome to make suggestions, too. I went to Sam’s today. Man, I love that store. Where else can you get 38 16.9 bottles of spring water for less than $6? And brand-new hardcover books for less than $15? You’d better believe that when the new Stephen King/ Peter Straub book comes out, I’ll be at Sam’s the moment it opens. Speaking of books, do y’all do this, or am I the only dumbass? Every time I read about a book or someone talks about a book they’re reading that’s really good, I get all excited and think "Oh, that sounds like a really good book!", and then I go to Amazon and add it to my wish list. Jeff Bezos called this morning and told me I needed to either buy stuff off my list or delete some things, ’cause it’s taking up too much server space at Amazon. The wish list that ate Amazon! I was reading one forum or another this weekend (maybe Hissyfit?) and someone mentioned that when s/he is asked for her/his phone number, s/he gives the area code, plus 867-5309. Hee! How hard must it be to do that with a straight face? I usually – I order online a lot, you know – either give out the cellphone number, which is turned off unless I’m using it, or give out (256)555-1212, which won’t get them far, since our number is unlisted. Thus the reason we never get telemarketing calls. I think I’m about to adopt the 867-5309 (I checked to make sure it’s not a working number), and I suggest you do the same. ]]>