I guess I don’t even need to plant morning glories next year, since they grow wild all over the place around here. Nothing makes me happier on my morning walks than to glance to the side of the road, and seeing tons and tons of morning glories smiling up at me. Speaking of my morning walks, I started out on my usual 4.2-mile walk this morning at the usual time. About two minutes in, I noticed that my stomach muscles were really hurting, and wondered to myself why that was, since I hadn’t done crunches since Friday morning. About a mile later, I realized why it was. Last night, around 8:45, Fred and I headed off to bed. I was in front of him, and as I approached the stairs, I noted in the corner of my mind that Tubby was going up the stairs in front of us. I also knew that on the fourth or fifth step up from the bottom, the phone was sitting there, waiting to be taken upstairs and put back on it’s cradle. Just as Tubby passed the phone, he must have seen it out of the corner of his eye, and was surprised and startled that it was there. How can I do justice to what happened next? What he did was POP up about three feet in the air, startling a scream out of me. He then landed back on the stairs, and immediately did another POP, this one not nearly as high. When he landed from the second POP, he scurried up the stairs and sat at the top, looking confused and disgruntled. Fred and I stumbled around, laughing so hard we cried. And that’s why my abs were hurting this morning – because I’d laughed so damn hard. Not only is laughter the best medicine, it also works your abs! What the hell would we do if we didn’t have our cats to laugh at all the time?]]>