service me, bitch! (if I had a dollar for every time I heard THAT….) light at me for, oh, about 5,000 miles, and I decided that RIGHT NOW NOW NOW is when it needed to be taken in and serviced. Especially if we planned to use to to get to Gatlinburg this weekend. So, we went to Enterprise Rent-A-Car yesterday, and rented a Mitsubishi Montero Sport. A white one. It’s nice and all, but it ain’t no Jeep Grand Cherokee. I followed Fred to the car dealership this morning, where he dropped off the car, and then I drove him to work. Later, he called to tell me what the estimate was for the tune-up and everything else that needed to be done. Eight. Hundred. Dollars. Apparently the shitheads who owned the Jeep before us never had any kind of maintenance work done on it whatsoever. Jayzus. At least they were done by 4:30, so I can give the keys to the Montero to Fred, and drive the Jeep if I need to go anywhere. Today, if you’re dying to know, was a very good mail day. First, at the po box, I found a lovely surprise waiting for me from the lovely and thoughtful Athena. Also, I received the Richard Simmons autobiography (shaddup! I love me some Richard Simmons) from beloved reader Dawn, who saw the book on my wish list and offered me her copy. I would, of course, be remiss whilst mentioning mail if I didn’t give Miz Moira big thanks for all the cool stuff she sent from Alaska a couple of weeks ago. Almost makes up for the pain of not being able to go myself. ::sniff:: So thanks, Athena, Dawn, and separated-at-birth twin sister Moira! I love mail, have I mentioned? Then in the afternoon mail, I received many magazines and nary a bill. I love mail days like that! I’ve been hard at work (slight exaggeration, perhaps) over the last few days writing thank you notes to the people who are sponsoring me for the 3Day. I have 40 sponsors, and I received my first donation back in January, and I just now am starting with the thank you notes. How stupid am I? My hand isn’t terribly happy, believe you me. So if you sent in money to sponsor me, your thank you should be arriving this week or early next. If you didn’t send in money to sponsor me, what are you waiting for?! 🙂 Okay, I’m off to write some more thank you notes. That’s all the entertainment you’ll be getting from me today!]]>