Now, because I can (this being MY journal and all), I took pictures of all the stuff I bought in G’burg, and I believe I’ll share said pictures with y’all, you lucky LUCKY people.

Kitty earrings! Aren’t they adorable? I don’t wear earrings very often and when I do, they’re usually the diamond studs Himself gave me for my birthday a few years ago, but it’s not the WEARING of the cute kitty earrings that makes me happy, it’s the HAVING.

An itty-bitty metal sleeping kitten figurine that Fred saw in a store and decided I must have. I love that man, have I mentioned?

If the cat ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy – god knows THAT’s the truth. I love the expression on this cat’s face, and we WERE in the Smoky Mountain Cathouse (my favorite store ever), so I bought it. I don’t know where I’m going to hang it – maybe in the laundry room, near the litter box – because Himself doesn’t like that country look.

I bought this one in May and haven’t hung it up yet. I’m sure it’ll go wherever the other one goes.

Ole Smoky Jellies’ strawberry jam. This stuff is SO awesome. We buy some every time we go to G’burg, and it’s just the nectar of the gods. Maybe next time we go I’ll buy a couple of extra jars to give away.

Stuff for my yellow-stuff and happy-face collections. Here we have a heart-shaped smiley-face keychain, a smiley-face magnet, and a yellow vw bug keychain. ‘Cause god knows I don’t have enough yellow OR smiley-faced stuff!

Fred and the spud went into the Adopt-a-Bear Factory, wherein you choose the body of the stuffed animal you want, then take it to be stuffed, and stick a stuffed heart inside, and have it sewn up, and all manners of things, because the spud really wanted to get one. I went inside with them to see what they had, exclaimed over the cuteness of the gray mice bodies, and went outside to wait and people-watch (people are interesting to watch as long as you aren’t trying to get around them). Fred came out some time later and handed me a bag with the above mouse inside. He’d made me a mouse, which he named Bubba, to go with the bear he made me at the Teddy Bear Factory last year (I’m pretty sure the Teddy Bear Factory has gone out of business, by the way), and named Bessie:

Cute, eh?

More yellow and smiley-face and magnet stuff. The yellow cap is self-explanatory, I think, since it’s the PERFECT shade of yellow. The cut-out cat is a magnet – there’s a store of JUST magnets in G’burg, and I could have spent all day there. Then we have the magnet covered with smiley faces, and in the middle is a magnet which states my life philosophy: "My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance."

New additions to my Quarry Cats collection. Here we have Carla (left) and Clyde, who are joining…

Cameron, Carl, and Chelsea (and Catalina, though I don’t have a picture at the moment). I love these things, can you tell? Once I’ve rounded out my collection of the cats, I told Fred we should start on the turtles, and put them out in the garden.

Okay, that’s it. I bought a bunch of yellow stuff, smiley-face stuff, and cat stuff. That really shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you, if you’ve been paying attention…

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