1) I have to wait for the neighbors to come home, check their mail, and bring my mail to me. 2) I have to sit and worry that they’re evil people who will either a) not notice they have my mail or b) keep all my mail for myself (you can laugh, but you KNOW it happens) 3) When/ if they bring the mail over, if they decide to put it in the mailbox instead of bring it to the door (yes, some people are THAT antisocial), and I see them do it (which is likely, since the computer room faces that direction), I have to sit and wait until a decent amount of time has passed so they won’t think I was sitting there staring at the fucking mailbox (which no doubt I WILL be doing) 4) This sort of shit happens ALL THE FUCKING TIME with this asshole. Holy shit, lookit the sky. I’m expecting to see a twister drop down any second now. (No, not seriously.) Just last week, I got the mail belonging to the people to the right of us, and none of our own mail. This means that the people to the left of us got our mail, and we learned that they’re apparently honest people, thankyajeezus, ’cause the title to my Jeep was among those pieces of mail. The week before, I got two pieces of mail belonging to someone three houses away, AND a bank statement that needed to be forwarded to the people who used to own this house. I guess I didn’t appreciate the mail lady at our old house nearly enough, and this bungler is my punishment. I wonder if the mail I mailed today will even reach it’s destination, or whether he’ll just lose it up his ass first. I’d change the address on all our bills to the PO Box address, but twice in the last six months I’ve had people send me packages there and never got them. Grrrr. AND I’M EXPECTING MY 3DAY WRISTBAND AND IF I DON’T GET IT, THEY’LL TOSS ME OUT ON MY ASS OR SOMETHIN’. I hate you, Mr. Mailman. ]]>