want to be a good recycler, but ignorance is holding me back, y’all! Heh. Typing “ignorance” made me think of Ace and TJ. TJ says “ignernt”, and it always cracks me up. I love me some Ace and TJ. Oh man. I just read Nance’s entry for the other day (I’m behind in my journal-reading as well as my emailing, you got a problem with that?), and read about her falling. On the driveway. In full view of the school bus. Poor Nance! That reminds me of about seven or eight years ago (god in heaven I’m old) when the spud and I were living in a duplex with Deb and Brian. (The ex was stationed in South Carolina, and when we heard that it would take forever to get into base housing, we (I) decided that it’d be best for the spud and I to move to Maine, especially since the ex would be going out to sea all the time. Anyway. One day I was home alone – where were the kids and Deb? I have no idea – doing laundry. Out back, we had a clothesline, which my father had come over and hung up for us. It was one of the ones that was strung between the house and a pole in the back yard, and you’d hang up a piece of laundry and push it out, then hang up another, and push it out further, until the line was full. So to hang out the laundry, you’d stand on the top step of the back porch. This day, I was minding my own business, hanging up laundry like a fiend, when I leaned over just a TAD too far. And fell end-over-end down the steps. Damn it hurt like hell. But was my first concern whether I’d broken anything? No, of course not. The first thing I did was look around to see if the teenagers from next door who were always outside smoking were around. Thank god, they weren’t. Looking back, I’m lucky I didn’t break my neck or give myself brain damage – I weighed a good 85 pounds more than I do now – but it wasn’t witnessed by anyone else, and that’s all that mattered, y’know.]]>