There was much wildlife action in the bedroom early this morning. (Wait – that sounds perverted, doesn’t it? Get your mind out of the gutter!) I woke at 4 to the sound of Spot‘s squeakily pissed-off meow, and looked over to see him slapping at something – a spider, I assume – on the floor, which he eventually ate. At 6, I was awakened again by Miz Poo‘s whiny, chatty meow. I thought she wanted to lay down with me, so I repeatedly called to her and patted the bed (why I thought she’d whine if she wanted to lay down with me, I don’t know – she always just flops down where ever she wishes, and kicks her hind leg up in the air so that I might rub her belly), and finally I rolled over and looked down at her, and saw her smacking at something that was rather large. I put my nightgown on, fumbled for my glasses, and turned on the light, to find a huge-ass moth fluttering brokenly around on the floor. I grabbed a wad of toilet paper and put it out of it’s misery, which I think rather pissed Miz Poo off, ’cause she never came looking for her morning dose of love.

Fred is a freak. I know that shouldn’t surprise me, and yet sometimes it still does. Why is Fred a freak? Because the spud’s birthday is on Friday, and "all" we’re giving her for her birthday is a subscription to YM and Cosmo Girl magazines (too bad Sassy isn’t still around), a Mudd purse, and a watch. Fred’s under the impression that that’s not ENOUGH to be giving the spud, that we must go out and buy a pile of shit she neither wants nor needs, so that she can cram more STUFF in her already-stuffed room. When told to come up with a birthday list, the child couldn’t come UP with anything she friggin’ wanted, so what does that tell you? That’s right – that she already HAS too much stuff.

Speaking of the spud’s birthday, when we went to Maine this summer, she played with her cousin’s Playstation 2, and decided she wanted one for her birthday or Christmas. Then her father came up from Rhode Island to visit with her for a week, and according to the spud, he told her that HE would buy the Playstation 2 for her birthday or for Christmas (she wasn’t clear on which). Last week (or maybe the week before), I emailed him and asked what he was getting her for her birthday, hoping that if he was buying her the PS2, we could coordinate, and Fred and I could get some games as presents. The ex emailed me back and told me that he’s getting her a color Gameboy and games to go with it.

Now I’m wondering – did he get confused and think she wanted a color Gameboy, or is he getting her that for her birthday and the PS2 for Christmas, or what? I guess I’ll wait ’til a week or so after her birthday and ask him what he’s getting her for Christmas, or tell him we’re getting her a PS2, or something in between.

Damn those things are expensive, though.

You know, sometimes I’m a bit of a ditz. Other times, I’m a LOT of a ditz. This morning I was sitting on the loveseat reading, and I glanced out the door where Fancypants was sitting on the patio. He was surrounded by a nice-sized pile of leaves, and I thought to myself I wonder where all the leaves came from? I guess maybe the neighbors have trees, and their leaves are falling into our yard… To see whether I was correct, I put down my book and went out the door to look into the neighbors’ back yards, and as I walked through the door, I realized that we actually HAVE two trees in OUR backyard, and duhhhh, that’s where the leaves are coming from.

Okay, that’s it for today. I pulled some muscle in my shoulder while lifting weights this morning, so I’m going to go wait for Dr. Fred to come home and determine whether I’m going to live.