I’ve been spending a little too much time admiring Nance’s cutie pie lately, it appears, for he’s entered my dreams. Last night I dreamed that Fred went out and adopted a puppy looking very much like that one, and then promptly went on a business trip, leaving me alone to house train and clean up after the little guy.

I was not pleased.

I was telling someone to back off – or thinking of telling someone to back off, I don’t remember exactly – earlier today, which made me think of Darin from Love Cruise, and when he said "If I want to give my feelings to someone, you just back off!" The term "give my feelings" cracks me up for some unknown reason.

Also cracking me up today is the Kids Say the Darnedest Things thread at Three Way Action.

I’m so hating Team Guido on The Amazing Race (how sweeeet the sooooound). Why can’t they screw up in a big way just once, so I don’t have to look at their SMUG FUCKING FACES every show? I know I’ve said that I wish Karyn and Lenny would get their asses disqualified and put them out of their misery, but I would have been happier to see Team Guido go. I think everyone in the race with them would have been happy, too. Emily was a horrid brat last night, and I would have smacked her upside her little head if I had been her mother. I’m fairly certain that the reason all those people were crowding around the taxi is because they thought there was being a movie filmed – in fact, I HEARD someone say "movie" – and Emily’s little temper tantrum just made her look like the spoiled bitch she is. She was reminding me an awful lot of Amie on the first show, when Amie was screaming "You LIVE here! How can you NOT know where it is?!"

But the thing that left me nearly speechless was when Karyn broke up with Lenny at the end of the show. I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open and yelling "What a bitch!" For the entire run of the show until now, all we’ve heard is her screaming "LENNYYYY!" and haranguing him to move faster, to do something (everything) better, how everything he does is wrong, and by the end of the show, as they were approaching the finish line, I said to Fred, "If he doesn’t break up with her the second they hit the states, I’m going to hunt him down", and not ten seconds later she’s breaking up with him in front of the cameras. Why do people act like such assholes on national TV, I’d like to know? She couldn’t have waited until they were alone? Jeezus.

Maybe someone’ll get eaten by that lion on Survivor tonight. I wouldn’t mind that, at all… But you know as much of a fuss as they’re making over the lion, showing it in every preview and everything, it probably only appears for ten seconds as it moseys on by.