God, what a dumbass I am. I forgot the truly most important item on the relationship list yesterday, and that is:

8. Friendship. Actually, putting up with each other isn’t the most important thing. Our friendship is. He’s my best friend, and if something interesting or funny or even slightly noteworthy happens, he’s the one I want to tell, immediately. I can tell him absolutely everything, and (I think) I have, and I know that he’ll continue to love me unconditionally, no matter what. In return, he’s told me all his dark, dirty secrets, and I only love him more.

In fact, I’m going to go back and add that to yesterday’s list right now…

Okay, y’all, help me out, here. We have this flight of stairs, see, and on this flight of stairs is carpet, and on this carpet is tons upon tons of cat hair, and vacuuming won’t get the damn stuff up completely, and it’s nasty and I hate it.

I don’t want to hate the carpet on my stairs.

In the old house, we had hardwooded stairs, but due to the "DAMN that’s expensive" factor, we won’t be hardwooding these stairs, and so I must come up with a decent way to get the damn cat hair up, or forever gnash my teeth every time I catch sight of the nasty stairs. I remember reading once, long ago, in a journal I can’t recall, that there’s such a thing as a carpet rake, which will loosen the cat hair and thus you can vacuum it up, but a google search brought me nothing.

Help? Suggestions, links, anything would be very much appreciated.

While I was looking for a new picture to put on the front page, I came across this one of the spud from (I think) ’95:

No, I’m not sure what she was trying to do, but it made me laugh out loud when I saw it.

I was reading the latest US Magazine the other night while half-heartedly watching TV, and then I saw something in the pages of said magazine that made me almost swallow my gum. So I scanned it, of course, because what fun is guffawing over how US apparently needs better proofreaders alone?

Who can tell me what three things are wrong with this? Anyone? Bueller? Well, look it over, and see if you’re right.

1. It’s Billy Bob Thornton, not Billie Bob Thorton (thanks to reader Fitchypoo, who pointed out that his last name was misspelled as well as his first!).
2. Billy Bob Thornton isn’t IN The Last Castle.
3. "Directed By Name Here". Name Here? Is he Indian? Anyway, The Last Castle was directed by Rod Lurie.
It took me, like, ten seconds to notice all of that. Perhaps I need to get a life, ya think?

Did y’all get a lot of trick or treaters last night? I thought that perhaps we’d only get a few, but I’d guess we got 50 or so. The spud was in charge of handing out the candy – blow pops and skittles – which she really enjoyed for some reason. In fact, she’s already asked if she can hand out the candy next year. I thought she might go out herself this year – I know I went out when I was 13; I think I was in a ’60s costume, with my sister and cousin – but she never mentioned a costume until the night before, and there was no way I was going to go out looking for a last-minute costume. She didn’t seem too disappointed, in any case, since we let her keep some of the left-over candy.

I won’t even be stealing any of her candy this year, since I’m a fan of neither skittles nor blow-pops (I was in charge of getting the candy this year, and didn’t want little snickers sitting around calling my name).

While I was out getting that candy Tuesday, I picked up the other stuff on the grocery list, and as I was looking for toothpicks, I wandered a large section of disposable foam cups. Did you know that they make foam cups in espresso size? Something just cracks me up at the thought of a bunch of yuppie types standing around sipping espresso out of foam cups.

Which reminds me, speaking of disposable stuff. You know the really cheap Gladware containers – the ones you buy to use like Tupperware, but are 1/10 the price, so if you lose them, it’s no big deal? Well, I got a 4-pack of those at least five months ago, and they’re holding up better than the damn Tupperware is. We put them in the dishwasher, use them all the time, and they show no sign of needing to be tossed. A surprising bargain, those things. You can even freeze stuff in them! Two thumbs up from the Bitchypoo.

We just got back from Moose Bond Farm, where we picked up our supply of chickens. We were lucky this time around, because although we’d only put in an order for 5, he had extras, and since we’re new customers, he let us have them. The only thing that sucks is that they won’t have any more chickens until the spring, and we’ll have to suffer with the store-bought ones, which aren’t nearly as good.

The farm is located in Hartselle, and to get to it, we have to drive through downtown Hartselle, which is just the sweetest little town I’ve ever seen in my life. Every time we drive through there, I want to buy one of the big old houses and renovate it. And then we drive out into farm country, and all I want to do is buy a little farmhouse on 300 acres and become a cat farmer or something.

A cat per acre sounds about right to me…