How damn excited am I about Survivor tonight?! Pretty damn excited, that’s for sure. I SO hope that tonight is when they break up the two tribes into three, and I canNOT wait to see the looks on Silas and Lindsey’s faces when they find out.

I’ve not found anyone that I particularly like on that show, but I’ve found plenty of people to HATE!

in the doghouse again...
Here we see that Fred is where he belongs.

So yes, we got a doghouse for the dog. I was at Petsmart (where I’m never going to shop again due to ungodly high prices), and saw a doghouse. $129 it was.

"That ridiculous!" Fred said. "The same thing at blahblahblah is only $90! Wait on that, and I’ll stop at Lowe’s on the way home." So he stopped at Lowe’s and got practically the same thing for $80.

And then today at Sam’s, I saw the exact same model for $65. Figures.

Robyn, you’re saying. Unless you’re saying Bitchypoo, that is. Robyn, why are there no pictures of the dog – whose name has been decreed Sadie, by the way – on your site tonight?

Because, dear reader, she’s such a hyper-spaz that every time I go out to take her picture, she wiggles and jiggles and jumps and pants and doesn’t hold still, so I can’t take her damn picture.

I’ve got plenty of pictures of her tail, though.

See something on the floor, sit on it.

The cats continue to be terrified of the big slobbering thing living outside. I keep telling Fred we should toss Fancypants out into the back yard and slam the door shut.

Close your email client RIGHT NOW, we’d never do such a thing. At least not to Fancypants. Tubby is another story.

Miz Poo enjoys sitting and watching the panting, drooling thing out back run back and forth and play with it’s toys and flop down on the patio and then run back and forth some more, but the one time I tried taking her out back, she lost her mind and went running down my back with her tail fluffed out.

Poor Sadie. She’d looooove to play with one of those fluffy little things…