Survivor certainly lived up and exceeded all my expectations last week. Now if they’d only get that little whiny bitch Lindsey off of there…

I know y’all have been wondering how the cats and the dog are getting along. Without further ado, I present photographic evidence:

Here’s Sadie checking out the fancy thing under the tree.

Miz Poo is waiting for that panting thing to make one little move in her direction…

Spot looks a tad leery, doesn’t he? Poor Sadie just wants to plaaaaaay.

Sadie has been into pretty much everything there is in the back yard to get into since we brought her home. We had most of a 40-pound bag of mulch sitting against the fence, and she dragged it halfway across the yard, leaving a big pile by the patio. Here’s Spot digging in said pile of mulch (we suspect he’d just used it as a big litter box):

Luckily, we have an awesome shop-vac, and I vacuumed up most of that pile with no problems. The sound of the vac freaked Sadie out, and she went running back and forth along the fence, occasionally barking. When the vacuuming was done and the shop-vac was put away, she went sniffing around where the mulch had been, whining and acting as if we’d taken something away from her.

Yesterday, Fred got out the catnip bubbles I bought at Target last week and went out to blow bubbles for the dog. She was pretty impressed, and went racing about, trying to eat the bubbles. From the doorway, Miz Poo watched for a few moments until she could bear it no longer, and then she went running out into the yard. Sadie saw her running, and thought "Hey, she wants to PLAY!", and started chasing after her.

Miz Poo just about lost her mind. She bushed up her tail, arched her back, and FLEW into the house faster than I’ve ever seen her run before.

Damn was it funny.

Then today, Fred was out playing with Sadie, and she was very hyper, since it was her first visit from The Man for the day, which gets her very excited. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Fancypants and started chasing him, wanting to play. Fancypants lost his fancy little mind and went running into the house, leaving poor Sadie with no one to play with but Fred.

Poor Sadie. Those damn mean cats just refuse to play with her…