One more week until the



Of the year!

My birthday!!!

("Damn, Robyn sure is impressed with herself, isn’t she?")

* * *

So yeah, the site has a whole new look and organization – that’s what I spent all that time off last week doing, going through every single entry and checking links and fixing stuff, and excitingly thrilling stuff like that. I had a lot of fun creating my 404 page (GOD I love that picture of the spud – she was mad because I was taking her picture instead of getting her out of the crib) and my OldLink page. When I was checking the links in my entries, I linked anything that was no longer around to the OldLink page, so that’s what that’s all about.

If you’re on the notify list, you probably didn’t realize the site has a whole new look – check out the front page.

Being a big ol’ copycat (well, except she didn’t KNOW she was being a copycat), Lis redesigned her site as well, and it looks great. God, I love the scaredy mug. You’ve gotta check out the photo gallery and the thrift gallery and the – oh, just check it all out! But don’t forget to come back…

Also being a copycat was Jolene, who gets special points for putting me right there in her personal "Top Five" category.

There were other redesigns, I’m sure – I guess the idea of a new year makes people want to start with a fresh new look – but I’m woefully behind in my journal reading and haven’t gotten around to seeing them yet.

Another thing I did when I wasn’t toiling away on reorganizing the site was read – I read a book a day most days last week. I also came to the conclusion that I don’t care for Faye or Jonathan Kellerman anymore. I used to love them both to death, but I was so bored with Stalker that it was all I could do to finish it, and when I tried reading Dr. Death, directly after I finished Stalker, I got about 30 pages in before I put the book down and had a serious discussion with myself.

"Self," I said sternly. "Life is TOO FUCKING SHORT to waste time reading books that bore the shit out of you!" And so I took Dr. Death, and I took The Forgotten and Flesh and Blood, and I put them downstairs on top of the pile of books I’m sending my sister, and if she finds them as brain-numbing as I did, she can pass them on to some other poor sucker and so on until they land in the lap of someone who’ll love and appreciate them. It’s a little sad saying goodbye to the Kellermans, because I’ve read every one of their books until now, and I don’t know whether I’ve outgrown them or they’re truly gotten suckier, but damn. I just couldn’t take it anymore. When you’re looking at your bookcase of books you haven’t read yet, and your eyes lights upon one of them, and you get kind of a sinking feeling in your stomach at the thought of reading it, you should probably just take it off the shelf, don’tchathink?

Currently, I’m reading A Painted House, and enjoying it a great deal. I also highly recommend Compromising Positions, which I had never read and bought because the book clubs were hyping the fact that Susan Isaacs just wrote a sequel to it, which I’ll probably read after A Painted House.

The week before Christmas, I went out and rented Moulin Rouge on dvd, because, well, I wanted to see it. I had to drag Fred to the couch kicking and screaming – well, practically – and he ended up liking it even more than I did. In fact, we had to watch the Elephant Love Medley three or four times, and then the next day, on the way home from his mom’s, we stopped at Wal-Mart so he could buy it. And it was two days before Christmas and Fred hates crowds, so you know he liked it an awful lot.

Oh, here’s a funny story. When Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman were in her room, and he started saying the words to "Your Song", I turned to Fred and said excitedly "That’s "Your Song"!" He listened and shrugged.

"Are you sure? I don’t recognize it…"

"Your Song! Your Song! You MUST know it!" I said.

He shook his head. "Nope, doesn’t sound familiar."

‘Round these parts, when a song comes on that one of us likes, we have the tendency to say "Oh, it’s your song!" And he thought I was referring to a song he liked, rather than the title of the song.


Okay, I guess you had to be there.

I was blown away by both Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor’s voices – I had no idea they could sing so well. Of course, my favorite song is "Come What May", because it’s such a pretty song, but all the music in the movie was awesome. That Satine sure had some lung power for someone suffering from the Consumption, didn’t she?

Speaking of music, not only did I spend last week reorganizing the site and reading, but I also spent many hours on Kazaa downloading and listening to mp3s. I was particularly frustrated by the fact that no one seemed to have Olivia Newton-John’s "Changes" (you just shut up. There’s no shame in loving Livvy), but I found it this morning. Whew!

I believe I’ll go snooze on the couch and burn my current favorite candle until Fred gets home. See y’all tomorrow, same bitchy time, same bitchy place.