Man, I’ve been meaning to say this for the past few days, but congratulations to Melissa and Jessamyn, who both got engaged over the holidays. Congratulations, you two – I can’t wait to hear every detail of the wedding preparations and the wedding itself!

Why, that’s almost as exciting as the fact that my birthday’s in less than a week!


Why on earth can’t I find anyone on Kazaa who has Tori’s Silent All These Years?

See? I listen to cool stuff, not just Olivia Newton-John.

Oh, shaddup.

I got gift certificates to Land’s End from my parents and my grandmother for my birthday, and I have no idea what I want to use them for. A sweater? A nightgown? Slippers? No, not slippers, the ones I bought last year are just fine. The best thing about gift certificates is not what you can buy with them, but the anticipation of buying stuff with them… If that makes any sense.

Well. I guess I won’t buy a nightgown, because Land’s Fucking End has decided to no longer offer their long-sleeved nightgowns, and the sleeves on the short-sleeved ones show the annoying flabby spot directly above my elbow WHICH I HATE, and even though no one but Fred and the spud see me in my nightgown, I can see that floopy flabby spot when I look down and I don’t like it.


Survivor‘s tonight! Woohoo! And I read in next week’s TV Guide that next week is the last show. Can that be so? Damn! What the hell am I going to watch on Thursday nights?

Oh yeah – Friends! Duh. Have y’all seen the commercials making it look like Rachel and Joey are going to get together? Those two would make some fine-looking babies…

Okay, that’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with the Friday Five, and my Diarist Award suggestions.