If none of you saw the especially funny Bernie Mac Wednesday night, don’t worry. I taped it, and I’m going to shoot a little video when my new camera gets here, so that y’all can appreciate the hilarity that is Bernie.

Friday Five:

1. What was your first job? I was a carhop/ waitress at the Hi-Hat III Drive-In, in Lisbon. It sucked, and I only stayed there until I could get a better job – ie, I got my driver’s license and got hired at McDonald’s (it’s a sad statement when McDonald’s is a step up, isn’t it?). My boss only paid "student minimum wage", which was two dollars and something an hour, if I recall correctly, and I think there was some kind of rule that you only made that much if you made under a certain amount in tips. Of course, I got tips. If I wasn’t wearing pants with pockets, I’d keep my tips in a cup on the counter, and my boss would think nothing of counting my tips to be sure I was reporting the amount of tips I got correctly. I’m not in the slightest bit sad to see that the restaurant finally went out of business, and if my former boss is living somewhere in abject poverty? Well, all the better.

2. How old were you when you had your first kiss? Sixteen, with my first boyfriend. The World’s Worst Kisser. You know those guys who come at you with their mouths wide open and jam their tongues down your throat? That was him. Amazing I wasn’t turned off of kissing forever.

3. What was your first car? What happened to it? The first car I drove on a regular basis was a blue Chevette. I had to share that car with my brother Randy, who’d use it until there was just the tiniest, slightest bit of gas in the tank, and leave it for me to fill up. The first car that was mine, all mine, was a brown Chevette my father bought when I was 17, and I tore that thing up. I’m amazed it lasted as long as it did. It finally bit the dust when I was 19 and pregnant with the spud. It’d been dying for a long time, but one day I couldn’t shift any higher than second gear, and since the ex and I had just bought a new (used) car, we drove the Chevette to the junkyard, where we got $50 for it. I’m still most comfortable in small cars (how’d I end up in a Jeep, you’ve gotta wonder), and I wish they still made Chevettes.

4. What was your first concert? Strictly speaking, it would have to be Shaun Cassidy – Debbie and our cousin Kim looooooved Shaun, and it wasn’t a bad concert. Shaun came out in overalls and acted as though he was part of the stage crew, and when he adjusted the microphone to his height, Debbie started screaming "That’s him! That’s him!", and sure enough, she was right. My first "real" concert, though, was Judas Priest and Great White, which Debbie and I attended with Randy and his girlfriend. I had no idea who Judas Priest and Great White were, but I was very excited about going to see them, nonetheless. Suddenly, I’m thinking I’m wrong. It was Judas Priest, wasn’t it, Deb?

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Not doing much. As usual. Maybe I’ll get my desk cleaned off, but I’m not counting on it. Maybe I’ll get caught up on everything I taped last night. Hopefully I’ll talk Fred into watching Swingers with me at some point.