Signs of spring:

Daffodils beginning to grow

Tubby sniffing the air for food

Spanky waiting under the tree for a bird to fall into his lap.

We actually did go out Saturday morning and look for a new table for the kitchen, to my great surprise and happiness. The first store we went into had a table we liked a lot, but since it’s usually not a good idea to buy the first acceptable piece of furniture that you find, we checked out three other stores. And ended up buying the first table. They’re going to deliver it next Tuesday, and I can’t wait!

Getting excited about furniture – isn’t that one of the signs that you’ve become a grownup?

We watched Rock Star Saturday night, and it was really an entertaining little movie. Fred thinks Mark Wahlberg just looks like a really nice guy, but to me, he seems to have true asshole potential – I’m not sure why I think he does, but every time I see him I think it. Which isn’t to say that I dislike him – I’ve liked most of the movies he’s done – but I wouldn’t want him dating someone I liked. I spent a large part of the movie saying "I think that’s Jason Bonham. No, wait – I think THAT’s Jason Bonham… I think that’s Zakk Wylde!" I’d recognized both the names during opening credits, but had to finally check out IMDB to figure out who was who. I’d expected Jason Bonham to be a skinny geek, but apparently I got him mixed up with someone else.

Anyway. A really pleasant way to pass the evening.

On the other end of the spectrum, I sat down Sunday morning and watched Bully. You see, years ago I rented and watched Kids, because the buzz about it was that Harmony Korine – who wrote it with Larry Clark – was the Next Big Shit. I watched it, hated it, and went on to live my life. When I saw that Bully was coming out on video, I decided to rent it because the story – kids kill a bully – sounded like it had possibilities. I didn’t realize that it was directed by Larry Clark.

God in heaven. What a friggin’ trainwreck. It was like I had no control over my eyes – I kept watching it to the very bitter end, and MY GOD did it suck. Every kid in the movie walked around naked at one point or another, and Larry Clark’s gotta be the biggest perv that ever lived – in one shot, Bijou Phillips (The Most Annoying Little Girl in the World) sat down, and Larry Clark decided to train the camera between her (clothed, thankyajeezus) thighs for a long 20 seconds.

If you ever see that tape in the movie store, run as far and fast as you can in the other direction. Trust me. That’s, like, two hours I’ll never get back, and I’ll be cursing Larry Clark’s name for it while I’m on my deathbed.

I think I’m getting either a cold or the flu. I sneezed several times yesterday, and started getting stuffed-up and very tired. I feel a little better today, but not quite 100% – I could use a nap or two. I guess, since I haven’t been sick in about two years, I can’t complain much.

But I am going to go take a nap. See y’all tomorrow!