::Sob:: Stephen King to leave horror writing?! Say it ain’t so, Steve!

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Just for the record, Mike Tyson is the biggest fucking idiot in the entire world. I used to feel slightly sorry for him, back when he and Robin Givens were married and she was badmouthing him all over the place RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM on 20/20 or whichever news show it was, but now I completely feel for that girl. I bet she still has nightmares about that idiot.

The cold or flu or whatever it is is still hanging on. I’m still stuffy and fuzzy-headed, but it’s only mild, whatever it is. I hope like hell it continues to stay this mild and then goes away.

I was all over hell and creation this morning, starting with a hair appointment – color and trim – at 9 am. You know, 9 am, when I’m usually lounging in front of the computer recovering from exercising? Yeah, that 9 am. So I actually had to get up when my alarm went off at 7:25 instead of lolling in bed and cuddling with Miz Poo.

Confession: I have currently taken to calling Miz Poo "Monkeypants." I have NO fucking clue why, but I guess I’ll just go with it since it’s not hurting anyone.

Speaking of cats in general, I got out of bed yesterday morning and looked out the window. Under one of the trees in the back yard were gathered all the cats except for Miz Poo, and they were all staring at a bright red bird in the upper branches of the tree, flitting to and fro. It would have made a good picture if I’d had the camera upstairs with me.

Where was I? Oh yeah – getting up when the alarm went off. So I exercised, blahblahblah, and was out the door about 5 ’til 9. It actually takes a little longer than 5 minutes to get to the hair place, but the woman who cuts my hair is usually not quite ready for me if I get there exactly at 9, so I’ve learned to be a few minutes late.

Got my hair colored it’s usual medium brown, had about 1/4 inch cut off the ends – after a year of growing out the layers, my hair is very close to all one length. It’s about time to chop it all off again, isn’t it? – was blow-dried and styled, and on my way by about 10:30.

From there, I returned movies, checked my mail at the post office (found something from Jolene and a post card from Jolene and Heather – whee! I LOVE real mail. Have I mentioned?), hit Wal-Mart (Met-Rx Vanilla Butter Cream flavored powdered protein shake mix – I hope it doesn’t suck), the grocery store (a buttload of stuff we’ve run out of since Fred got groceries on Saturday. Or to replace stuff I’ve dropped and broken on the kitchen floor. Grrrr), home to put away the groceries, and back out again to hit Target (orange roughy, scallops, Kashi bars), Wendy’s for lunch (I DID miss a meal while I was out running around, you know), and home again.

And all this while feeling under the weather. Go, me!

Oh, man. It’s practically the end of January, and I haven’t even thought about starting my WordGoddess collab for January. I guess you know what tomorrow’s entry will be about… And I need to pay bills. And vacuum both upstairs and downstairs. I swear, it seems like the more I do, the more I need to do.

I need a nap.