I decide who’s King Shit of Turd Mountain, y’all, and don’t forget it. I was all pissed at myself yesterday for not bringing my camera with me while I was out running errands. I ended up sitting at a red light for five minutes, while a couple of huge-ass trailer-trucks went by with brick houses on the back. They’re selling the old base housing from Redstone Arsenal, and I guess someone had bought a house or two and needed them delivered. I can’t say that the thought of living in old base housing is the slightest bit attractive to me, but I wonder if I’d feel all at home if I did, since I spent the first 13 years of my life living in base housing. Anyway, I’m betting that being moved from one spot to another isn’t very good for a house. They’re not really built to be moved, I would think, and I wonder what effect that has on the house. I bet they’re cheap as hell. I keep freakin’ myself out, because I cleaned with ammonia this morning, and I keep catching whiffs of it. As I learned on the leanandstrong message board, the smell of ammonia coming from your own body (unless you peed in your pants) means that your body is burning muscle (don’t email me and ask me if it’s true – they say so, so I assume it is), and you need to get protein right away. So I keep going ::sniffsniffsniff:: “Oh, shit, I worked out too rigorously this morning! Protein! I need protein!”, before I remember about cleaning with the ammonia.

Dork? Me?