See something on the floor… … sit on it. So, apparently if you’re burning muscle (like I mentioned in yesterday’s entry), you’ll smell that ammonia smell directly after you’ve exerted yourself, rather than hours later. Big thanks to Stub, who alerted me to the truth of the matter! Apparently the table we bought is RAWTHER popular amongst y’all who read my journal, because three people so far have emailed to tell me that they have the verysame set. One of them is The Bald One, whose friend test I took yesterday and upon which I scored 100. I’m very very bad at taking those tests, and have certainly never gotten anywhere near 100, so it must have been a VERY easy test. So, I got all pissed off at Fred last week because I had a dream that I died and came back in someone else’s body a year later, and he was already remarried, and when I had convinced him I was me instead of the hot little 19 year-old I looked like (could be worse – I could have come back in Ah-nuld’s body), he DIDN’T LEAVE WIFE #2. Man. I was pissed off about that for days. And then I watched Castaway and got more pissed off. I mean, Tom Hanks was only gone for 4 years, damnit! So I laid down the law to Fred – If I come back in someone else’s body, I have DIBS on him, and he is to leave the skank ho he married out of grief over my passing and come back to me. ADDITIONALLY, unless he sees my cold, dead body with his own two eyes, he is NOT to believe that I’m dead, but rather to sit and wait for me to come back. You’ve been warned, skank hos out there who would swoop down upon my husband in his grief and get him to marry you. I’ll slap your skank-ho face and reclaim what is rightfully mine. So there.]]>