First things first, y’all. If you’re a Sex and the City watcher, go to the right and take that poll, would you? I put it up at the request of reader Sandy, who’s just curious. I originally made the poll to only include the girls, but I figure that some of y’all might relate to one of the guys.

So. Last night on Boston Public, did you see it? I, personally, cried a little, but then I’m a big sap. For those of you who don’t watch the show, there was a sad storyline about teacher Harry Senate and a student (Max) who was dying of leukemia, and Harry begged Max to hold on, to not give up, to FIGHT for his life, but Max died about halfway through the show. Harry went on to question WHY he was teaching, and handed in his resignation (though by the end it was apparent he’d stay), and really, it was quite touching, the whole storyline.

What made me cry hardest, though, was…

Dude. Have you looked in a mirror?

…the really bad hair. Dude, what the fuck? They don’t have mirrors on Boston Public? It looks like a reallyreallyreally bad wig, is what it looks like. Maybe Nicky Katt had a bad fire-related accident and burned off all his hair? Maybe he got the wig from the Raquel Welch wig line, like Samantha on Sex and the City? I kept getting distracted from the story, and Fred and I repeatedly said "What the fuck is UP with his HAIR?"

And, have you ever noticed that the more you look at Jeri Ryan, the more she looks like a freakish caricature?

While we’re at it, poor Guber! But then, that’s what you get when you take up with a psycho…

To continue the TV talk, Jon Bon Jovi is on Ally McBeal these days (like you didn’t know), and there’s just something weird about his eyes. Like he’s had an eyelift or something. They just don’t look right, is what I’m saying. I wish he’d get his ass killed off in a freak plumbing accident.

Man, my usual movie store is pissing me off these days. Never EVER when I go in there on Tuesday mornings do they have the new movies – new movies are released on video on Tuesdays, did you know that? – out and ready to be rented. Today, there were two girls working, but rather than actually PUTTING OUT the new fucking movies, they were standing behind the cash register yukking it up. Instead of asking if they had Hearts in Atlantis on dvd, I just left and went to another movie store. They just put up a new Blockbuster not 1/4 mile away from the Movie Gallery, so you’d think that’d make the Movie Gallery people get their shit together.

You’d think wrong.

However, new movies at Blockbuster are only good for a 2-day rental, whereas new movies at Movie Gallery and Hollywood Video are good for 5 days, and since the gals at Movie Gallery were too busy talking about someone else who works at Movie Gallery, I hauled my ass to Hollywood Video.

Bastards, all of ’em.