Sex and the City last night? Why can’t anyone be haaaaaaappy? Why’s Big gotta leeeeave? Why can’t Samantha fall in love with a goooood guy? (Because she wouldn’t be interested in a good guy, is the answer to that last one. That opinion is one I believe wholeheartedly – the bitches (and I say that lovingly, because I like all the gals on Sex and the City) are never interested in the nice guys, and the nice guys are only ever interested in the bitches). I learned something, though – I had no idea that when your water breaks when you’re pregnant that a huge gushing puddle comes out – I thought it was more of a trickle. One night last week, I was dozing off sometime after 11:00, and Miz Poo was sleeping on the pillow a few inches from my face. I was juuuuuust about asleep, when Miz Poo was overcome with love and HAD to reach her hot little paw out to touch my mouth. It startled the hell out of me, and I snapped out of my doze, jumped, and screamed rather loudly. Miz Poo responded by blinking slowly and purring at me. I love that damn cat. ]]>