So, I got a little Linens-N-Things sales catalog in the mail yesterday, and I looked through it to see if there was anything the slightest bit interesting, and I saw that they had on sale for $24.99, "Silk Rose Satin-Back Pillows." And there was a picture of pillows, with silk roses attached to the front.

That’s just wrong on so many levels, y’all. First off, who wants to lay their head on a bunch of scratchy, uncomfortable silk roses? Who could nap on a pillow like that? Yes, I hear you, you’re saying that they’re not to actually USE, that they’re just for decoration, and to prettify the living room and all, but give me a break. I hate the idea of pillows that are only to look at and not to lay your head upon and snore upon and possibly drool upon. That’s what pillows are for, and you’ll never convince me otherwise.

Of course, the other problem is that with silk roses attached to pillows, one fat-ass cat or another would take it upon themself to eat a rose or two, make it halfway across the room, and yark them back up in the middle of the floor, in exactly the right spot so that someone walking across the room would step directly into the mess, then do an "Ew, ick, GROSS!" dance and have to clean up the ground-in mess.

Some reader unsubscribed from the notify list yesterday, saying You’re right, endlessly babbling about TV shows is boring. I mean, either I’m interested in these shows and have watched them myself, or I’m not and, in that case, I don’t give a damn.

Well, really, what am I supposed to write about, when all I do is watch TV, exercise, clean the house, and play with the cats? Her endlessly fascinating life? Like always, what I write about goes in cycles – TV, exercise, house cleaning, cats, cats, cats, and back to the beginning. If you want social commentary, tune into O’Reilly, people. I write about my life because my life revolves around me and I’m a self-centered bitch. Durr. Anyone who’s read more than two entries should have been able to figure that one out.

And if you unsubscribe from the notify list? A reason for the unsubscription is neither necessary, required, nor desired. Thanks so much.

Any of y’all have a Nokia 3200 series cellphone, and if you do, do you know whether it’s possible to block calls from people who are blocking their number from showing up on your caller id? And failing that, does anyone know where I can find an online instruction guide for my Nokia 3200 series phone? Google isn’t helping much, and any help will be greatly appreciated, because the telemarketers are driving me batshit. (Note: I’ve got it, no more help needed. Obviously I’m too dumb to check, oh, the Nokia site! Duhhh)

I love me some Survivor, yes I do. Y’all notice how whenever anyone wants Sean to move his ass, he starts screaming "slavery"? And Rob? What an ass. It’s rather funny how the tribes turned out – a bunch of girls and an old man on one, and a bunch of guys (including the obnoxious and annoying Sean and Rob) on the other. I’m thinking that Gabriel wasn’t terribly impressed by Sean, and I’m also thinking he’s not the only one.

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