alien pic) F’d Companies. And at the same time, from Kim, I received After All These Years. What are the chances that I’d get two books from my wish list, one from a reader in the U.K, and one from a reader in the U.S, both on the same day? Sweet! And THEN, today was ANOTHER good mail day (I usually hit the post office on Tuesday and Friday, but I had to go to the library to renew a Danielle Steele book for the spud (whyyyyyy? whyyyyyy? my GOD, where have I gone WRONG?!), and I thought I’d stop since I was practically in the area. What did I find? Doctor office pens, which the wonderful (and funny!) Mary Ellen bullied her mom (who works in a doctor’s office) into bringing home for me. And they’re REALLY NICE pens, too! Boy, I’m going to be a writing fool, yes I am. Thank you, Mary Ellen! Okay, I spent half the weekend taking pictures and resizing them for y’all. Enjoy! By far, the most popular request was to see the inside of the fridge. So I took pictures of the fridge, inside the vegetable and fruit drawers, the freezer, and the other freezer (which is way too big and never full, but I wasn’t the one who bought it). A lot of people wanted to see the inside of our cupboards, by which I assumed they meant they wanted to see where the food is kept. As you can see, we don’t have a lot of canned and bottled stuff – I even waited until after Fred got groceries on Saturday to take these pictures. Inside our medicine cabinet, y’all wanted to see. When I think medicine cabinet, I think in the bathroom over the sink, and we don’t have one of those. We keep the majority of our medicine on a shelf in the kitchen, in baskets so that we can remove them and rummage through them. There are bottle of tylenol, aspirin, synthroid, and birth control in the drawer by my sink in the bathroom, but you didn’t really want to see those, did you? My crappy purse. It was $7 from Wal-Mart, and I’ve had it for years. I try out other purses from time to time, but this one works best for me, because it’s got two outside pockets, one that I keep a book in, and one that I put the cellphone and a tube of Blistex in. I keep my checkbook, wallet, sunglasses, keys, pens, and various other things in the middle compartment. Von wanted to see my toes, not because she has a foot fetish (suuuuure you don’t, Von!), but because she wanted to request something a little different. The white part on my right foot, on the toes and just under them, is from when Himself cruelly threw hot grease onto my foot. It looks a lot better now than it did three years ago, believe me. Reader Stacee requested a picture of my shoes. She said it didn’t need to be a special pair – whatever I was wearing at the moment would do. I was wearing my ugly slippers from Land’s End, so I took a picture of those, but I thought I’d share the other ones I wear on a regular basis as well. These are the Nike Air Presto Fazes I wear to walk in. They’re awesome – cushiony, but supportive at the same time. Just like a good man. I wear these Keds when I’m going shopping, out to eat, out to run errands – most of the time, in other words.

These sandals are what I’m wearing if I just need to run to the store or somewhere where I won’t be doing a lot of walking. I have more shoes than these, but these are the ones I wear most of the time. The inside of my Jeep. Hanging from the rearview mirror is my tag from the 3Day, and (though you can’t see it) a wooden smiley-face bead necklace. It’s a bit messy, but compared to the mess I used to have in the car I drove in high school, it’s a model of pristinity (?). You can see the dust on the dashboard. Could be worse, definitely could be better. I force myself to clean and dust the Jeep once a year whether it needs it or not. The bin thingy between the seats which is supposed to hold cds is filled with trash. Those are peanut m&m wrappers, and considering I haven’t had peanut m&ms in almost a month, you can imagine how long that trash has been building up. The inside of Fred’s Jeep. His has less mess than mine, but you can’t see the annoying pile of cds on the passenger side floor that always manage to be where my feet want to be. A shot of his dusty dashboard. The flowerbed directly in front of the computer room – there’s not much there, but everything will grow. The small green plants are petunias (some of them are flowering) and the spiky things are rose bushes. You can see Miz Poo’s face in the corner of the window on the right. The other front flower bed. That’s a row of holly bushes in the front, and rose bushes in the back. We thought we’d plant the rest of the petunias we bought in that flower bed, but we ran out of steam and decided it looks fine as it is. Fancypants, looking evil as usual. No doubt he’s trying to decide whether he’ll poo on the floor outside the laundry room, or skip it this time. Miz Poo, looking a little befuddled. Miz Poo again, wishing I’d settle my ass down in front of the computer so that she can smother me with love. Gomer, trying to decide whether he wants to be NEAR the extension cord, or ON it. Tough decision for such a small brain. Tubby, recovering from his traumatic butt-cleaning episode and looking like a kitty meatloaf. I wonder who on earth could have requested a picture of Tubby? That’s it for today. Chris suggested I take the camera with me on one of my walks, so I did – but that’s an entry in and of itself. In fact, it’ll be tomorrow’s entry, you lucky people! See you then.